Grupo de Ingeniería Química y Ambiental

Direct a-arylation of ketones efficiently catalyzed by Cu-MOF-74

Leo, P.; Orcajo, G.; Briones, D.; Martínez, F.; Calleja, G.

Alkaline-earth metal based MOFs with second scale long-lasting phosphor behavior

Briones, D.; Leo, P.; Cepeda, J.; Orcajo, G.; Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.; Rodríguez-Diéguez, A.; Martínez, F.

New URJC-1 Material with remarkable stability and acid-base catalytic properties

Leo, P.; Martínez, F.; Calleja, G.; Briones, D.; Wojtas, L.; Orcajo, G.

Synthesis of a honeycomb-like Cu-based metal–organic framework and its carbon dioxide adsorption behaviour

Sanz, R.; Martínez, F.; Orcajo, G.; Wojtas, L.; Briones, D.

Biodiesel production with heterogeneous sulfonic acid-functionalized mesostructured catalysts

Melero, J. A.; Bautista, L. F.; Morales, G.; Iglesias, J.; Briones, D.