Grupo de Ingeniería Química y Ambiental

246 publicaciones del grupo en los últimos 5 años.

  1. On the feasibility of using hierarchical ZSM-5 and Beta zeolites as supports of metal phosphides for catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of phenol

    Berenguer, A.; Gutiérrez-Rubio, S.; Linares, M.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Moreno, I.; García-Fierro, J. L.; Coronado, J. M.; Serrano, D. P.; Pizarro, P.

  2. Hydrogen production by isothermal thermochemical cycles using La0.8Ca0.2MeO3±d (Me = Co, Ni, Fe and Cu) perovskites

    Pérez, A.; Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Sanz, R.; Marugán, J.; Molina, R.; Botas J.A.

  3. Predicting the size of silver nanoparticles synthesised in flow reactors: coupling population balance models with fluid dynamic simulations

    Casado, C.; Pinho, B.; Marugán, J.; Torrente-Murciano, L.

  4. Continuous solar photo-Fenton for wastewater reclamation in operational environment at demonstration scale

    E. Gualda-Alonso, N. Pichel, P. Soriano-Molina, E. Olivares-Ligero, F.X. Cadena-Aponte, A. Agüera, J.A. Sánchez Pérez, J.L., Casas López

  5. Magnetic CoFe2O4@carbon yolk-shell nanoparticles as catalysts for the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of paracetamol: kinetic insights

    Guari, N.M.C.; Silva, A.S.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Pottker, W.E.; Cordeiro, P.Y.; Gomes H.T.

  6. Bioactive trans-resveratrol as dispersant of graphene in water. Molecular interactions

    Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.; San Andrés, M.P.

  7. Isomerization of Hemicellulose Aldoses to Ketoses Catalyzed by Basic Anion Resins: Catalyst Screening and Stability Studies

    El Tawil Lucas, M.; Montaña, M.; Macías-Villasevil, M.; Moreno J.; Iglesias, J.

  8. Risk/Benefit Evaluation of Chia Seeds as a New Ingredient in Cereal-Based Foods

    Marta Mesías, Pablo Gómez, Elena Olombrada, Francisca Holgado and Francisco J. Morales

  9. Role of the active chlorine generated in situ on the photoelectrocatalytic inactivation of bacteria and fungi with TiO2 nanotubes

    Adán, C.; Pablos, C.; Misis, P.; Pascua, S.; Marugán, J.

  10. Wavelength synergistic effects in continuous flow-through water disinfection system

    Uppinakidru, A. P.; Martín-Sómer, M.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Bautista, L. F.; Pablos, C.; Marugán, C.

  11. Continuous flow operation of solar photo-Fenton fused with NaOCl as a novel tertiary treatment

    S. Belachqer-El Attar, P. Soriano-Molina, N. Pichel, A. París-Reche, P. Plaza-Bolaños, A. Agüera, J.A. Sánchez Pérez

  12. Selective denitrification of simulated oily wastewater by oxidation using Janus-structured carbon nanotubes

    Roman, Fernanda F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Sanches, F.K.K.; Silva, A.S.; Marin, P.; Machado, B.; Serp, P.; Pedrosa, M.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L; Gomes, H.T.

  13. Evaluation of new photochemical systems for water disinfection by the integration of particle tracking into kinetic models for microbial inactivation

    Casado, C.; Yunta, V.; Marugán, J.

  14. The dominant role of the peroxymonosulfate radical for removing contaminants in a Fenton process with metabisulfite

    Farinelli, G.; García Gil, A.; Marugán, J.; Minella, M.; Fabbri, D.; Laurenti, E.; Tiraferri, A.; Vione, D.

  15. Formation of acrylamide during the roasting of chia seeds (Salvia hispanica L.)

    Marta Mesías, Pablo Gómez, Elena Olombrada, Francisco J. Morales

  16. Comparing the efficiency of solar water treatment: Photovoltaic-LED vs compound parabolic collector photoreactors

    Martín-Sómer, M.; Molina-Ramírez, M. D.; Perez-Araujo, M. L.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

  17. Dendritic nanoarchitecture imparts ZSM-5 zeolite with enhanced adsorption and catalytic performance in energy applications

    Alonso-Doncel, M.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Gómez-Pozuelo, G.; Oliveira, A.; González-Aguilar, J.; Peral, A.; R. Sanz, Serrano, D. P.

  18. Effect of improvement actions on the life-cycle environmental and economic performance of synthetic biofuels from date palm waste in Tunisia

    Cruz P. L., Martín-Gamboa M., Ben Hnich K., Dufour J., Iribarren D.

  19. Demonstrating the feasibility of a novel solar photo-Fenton strategy for full-scale operationalization according to EU 2020/741 disinfection targets for water reuse

    N. Pichel, S. Belachqer-El Attar, P. Soriano-Molina, J.A. Sánchez Pérez

  20. Kinetic and mechanistic analysis of membrane fouling in microplastics removal from water by dead-end microfiltration

    Pizzichetti, A. R. P.; Pablos, C.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

  21. Removal of diclofenac by UV-B and UV-C light-emitting diodes (LEDs) driven advanced oxidation processes (AOPs): wavelength dependence, kinetic modelling and energy consumption

    Pizzichetti, R. ; Reynolds, K.; Pablos, C.; Casado, C.; Moore, E.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

  22. Experimental data and modeling of viscosities and densities of pyrene + toluene + heptane mixtures at T = (293.15 to 343.15) K

    Tenorio, M.J.; Suárez, I.; Magdaleno, J.D.; González, M.A.; Coto, B.

  23. Self-textured ZnO via AACVD of alkyl alkoxides: a solution-based seed-less route towards optoelectronic-grade coatings

    Sánchez-Pérez, C.; Srimurugananthan, S.; Sotelo-Vázquez, C.; Sthasivam, S.; Wang, M.; Marugán, J.; Parkin, I. P.; Carmalt, C. J.

  24. Environmental life cycle assessment of polyhydroxyalkanoates production by purple phototrophic bacteria mixed cultures

    Martin-Gamboa, M., Allegue, L. D., Puyol, D., Melero, J. A., Dufour, J.

  25. Field-testing solutions for drinking water quality monitoring in low- and middle-income regions and case studies from Latin American, African and Asian countries

    N. Pichel, F. Hymnô de Souza, L.P. Sabogal-Paz, P.K. Shah, N. Adhikari, S. Pandey, B.M., Shrestha, S. Gaihre, et al.

  26. Solar water disinfection in large-volume containers: from the laboratory to the field. A case study in Tigray, Ethiopia

    García-Gil, A.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Martínez-García, A.; Polo-López, M. I.; Wasihun, A. G.; Teferi, M.; Asmelash, T.; Conroy, R.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.

  27. Performance and modeling of Ni(II) adsorption from low concentrated wastewater on carbon microspheres prepared from tangerine peels by FeCl3-assisted hydrothermal carbonization

    Diaz De Tuesta, J. L.; Roman, F.F.; Marques, V.C.; Silva, A.S.; Silva, A.P.F.; Bosco, T.; Shinibekova, A.A.; Aknur, S.; Kalmakhanova, M.S.; Massalimova, B.K.; Arrobas, M.; Silva, A.M.T.

  28. Definition, assessment and prioritisation of strategies to mitigate social life-cycle impacts across the supply chain of bioelectricity: A case study in Portugal

    Martín-Gamboa, M.; Dias, A. C.; Iribarren, D.

  29. Experimental evaluation and energy analysis of a two-step water splitting thermochemical cycle for solar hydrogen production based on La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-d perovskite

    Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Pérez, A.; Barras-García, I.; Sanz, R.; Marugán, J.; Molina, R.; Botas, J.A.

  30. A systematic literature review on the conversion of plastic wastes into valuable 2D graphene-based materials

    Vieira, O.; Ribeiro, R.S.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.; Silva, A.M.T.

  31. Developing a Novel Alum Sludge-Based Floating Treatment Wetland for Natural Water Restoration

    He, X.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, W.; Ren, B.; Zhao, Y.

  32. Selecting the most environmentally friendly oxidant for UVC degradation of micropollutants in urban wastewater by assessing life cycle impacts: Hydrogen peroxide, peroxymonosulfate or persulfate?

    Pesqueira, J. F. J. R.; Marugán, J.; Pereira, M. F. R.; Silva, A. M. T.

  33. U(VI) speciation studies by Raman spectroscopy technique in the production of nuclear fuel Nuclear Engineering and Technology

    L. J. Bonales, N. Rodríguez-Villagra, I. Sánchez-García, O. R. Montoro

  34. Growth and prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in microplastic biofilm from wastewater treatment plant effluents

    Perveen, Sh.; Pablos, C.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

  35. Assessment of Pretreatments for Highly Concentrated Leachate Waters to Enhance the Performance of Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation with Sustainable Low-Cost Catalysts

    de Freitas Batista, G.; Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Vieira Mambrini, R.; Praça, P.; Gomes, H.T.

  36. Critical assessment of optical sensor parameters for the measurement of ultraviolet LED lamps

    Uppinakidru, A. P.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Pablos, C.; Marugán, J.

  37. 17 a-Ethinylestradiol Degradation in Continuous Process by Photocatalysis Using Ag/Nb2O5 Immobilized in Biopolymer as Catalyst

    Lenzi, G.G.; Abreu, E.; Fuziki, M.E.K.; Fidelis, M.Z.; Brackmann, R.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.; dos Santos, O.A.A.

  38. Surface functionalization of graphene oxide with tannic acid: Covalent vs non-covalent approaches

    Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.P.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.

  39. Photoelectrocatalitic degradation of pharmaceuticals and inactivation of viruses in water with tungsten oxide electrons

    A. Tolosana-Moranchel, N. Pichel, H. Lubarsky, J.A. Byrne, P. Fernandez-Ibañez

  40. Doxorubicin delivery performance of superparamagnetic carbon multi-core shell nanoparticles: pH dependence, stability and kinetic insight

    Santos Silva, A.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Sayuri Berberich, T.; Delezuk Inglez, S.; Bertão, A.R.; Çaha, I.; Leonard Deepak, F.; Bañobre-López, M.; Gomes, H.T.

  41. Hydrogen production by thermochemical water splitting with La0.8Al0.2MeO3-d (Me= Fe, Co, Ni and Cu) perovskites prepared under controlled pH

    Pérez, A.; Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Sanz, R.; Marugán, J.; Molina, R.; Botas J.A.

  42. A model to predict the kinetics of direct (endogenous) virus inactivation by sunlight at different latitudes and seasons, based on the equivalent monochromatic wavelength approach

    García-Gil, A.; Marugán, J.; Vione, D.

  43. Synthesis of low-density polyethylene derived carbon nanotubes for activation of persulfate and degradation of water organic micropollutants in continuous mode

    Ribeiro, R.S.; Octávia Vieira, R.F.; Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T.; Gomes, H.T.

  44. Weathering of plastic SODIS containers and the impact of ageing on their lifetime and disinfection efficacy

    García-Gil, A; Molina-Ramírez, M.D.; García-Muñoz, R.A.; Marasini, R.; Buck, L.; McGuigan, K.G.; Marugán,J.

  45. Application of adsorbent materials to remove heavy metals in leachate from a municipal landfill treatment plant

    Cardoso, J.S.; Fernández-Delgado, M.; Vertonha, M.T.; Cabral, D.; Silva, A.S.; Roman, F.F.; Díaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Arrobas, M.; Coca, M.; Brito, P.; Gomes, H.T.

  46. Fluorescence study of the influence of centrifugation on graphene oxide dispersions in water and in tannic acid

    Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.; San Andrés, M.P.

  47. Predicting the bactericidal efficacy of solar disinfection (SODIS): from kinetic modeling of in vitro tests towards the in silico forecast of E. coli inactivation

    Samoili, S.; Farinelli, G.; Moreno-SanSegundo; J. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.; Pulgarín, C. ; Giannakis, S.

  48. Hydrogen Production through Oxidative Steam Reforming of Acetic Acid over Ni Catalysts Supported on Ceria-Based Materials

    Megía, P. J.; Morales, A.; Vizcaíno, A. J.; Calles, J. A.; Carrero, A.

  49. 3D-printed activated carbon for post-combustion CO2 capture

    Zafanelli, Lucas F.A.S.; Henrique, A.; Steldinger, H.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gläsel, J.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Gomes, H.T.; Etzold, B.J.M.; Silva, J.A.C.

  50. Evaluation of membranes performance for microplastic removal in a simple and low-cost filtration system

    Pizzichetti, A. R. P.; Pablos, C.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

  51. Graphene-Based Sensors for the Detection of Bioactive Compounds: A Review

    Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.P.; Díez-Pascual, A.

  52. Comparative Social Life Cycle Assessment of Two Biomass-to-Electricity Systems

    Martín-Gamboa, M.; Quinteiro, P.; Dias, A. C.; Iribarren, D.

  53. Effect of dissolved salt on the anomalies of water at negative pressure

    Zaragoza, A.; Tripathi, C.S.P.; Gonzalez, M.A.; Abascal, J.L.F.; Caupin, F.; Valerian, C.

  54. Environmental life cycle assessment of the incorporation of recycled high-density polyethylene to polyethylene pipe grade resins

    Istrate, I.-R.; Juan, R. M.; Martín-Gamboa, M.; Domínguez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Dufour, J.

  55. On the support effect and the Cr promotion of Co based catalysts for the acetic acid steam reforming

    Cortese, M.; Ruocco, C.; Palma, V.; Megía, P. J.; Carrero, A.; Calles, J. A.

  56. Comprehensive permeation analysis and mechanical resistance of electroless pore-plated Pd-membranes with ordered mesoporous ceria as intermediate layer

    Martinez-Diaz. D.; Martínez del Monte, D.; García-Rojas, E.; Alique, D.; Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.

  57. Improved thermochemical energy storage behavior of manganese oxide by molybdenum doping

    Moya, J.; Marugán, J.; Orfila, M.;Díaz-Pérez, M. A.; Serrano-Ruiz, J. C.

  58. Solar water disinfection to produce safe drinking water. A review of parameters, enhancements, and modelling approaches to make SODIS faster and safer

    García-Gil, A.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.

  59. Assisted hydrothermal carbonization of agroindustrial byproducts as effective step in the production of activated carbon catalysts for wet peroxide oxidation of micro-pollutants

    Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Saviotti, M.C.; Roman, F.F.; Pantuzza, G.F.; Sartori, H.J.F.; Shinibekova, A.; Kalmakhanova, M.S.; Massalimova, B.K.; Pietrobelli, J.M.T.A.; Lenzi, G.G.; Arrobas, M.; Gomes, H.T.

  60. Understanding the role of Al/Zr ratio in Zr-Al-Beta zeolite: Towards the onepot production of GVL from glucose.

    Paniagua, M.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.; Iglesias, J.; López-Aguado, C.; Vidal, N.; Mariscal, R.; López-Granados, M.; Martínez-Salazar, I.

  61. Effect of the incorporation of reducibility promoters (Cu, Ce, Ag) in Co/CaSBA-15 catalysts for acetic acid steam reforming

    Megía, P.J.; Calles, J.A.; Carrero, A.; Vizcaíno, A.J.

  62. SODIS potential: A novel parameter to assess the suitability of solar water disinfection worldwide

    Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Giannakis, S.; Samoili, S. S.; Farinelli, G.; McGuigan, K. G.; Pulgarín, C.; Marugán, J.

  63. Hydrochars from compost derived from municipal solid waste: Production process optimization and catalytic applications

    Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Praça, P.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

  64. Stability of electroless pore-plated Pd-membranes in acetic acid steam membrane-reformers for ultra-pure hydrogen production

    Adduci, G.; Martinez-Diaz, D.; Sanz-Villanueva, D.; Caravella, A.; Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.

  65. Biocrude from Nannochloropsis gaditana by hydrothermal liquefaction: An experimental design approach

    Sánchez-Bayo, A.; Megía Hervás, I.; Rodríguez, R.; Morales, V.; Bautista, L. F.; Vicente, G.

  66. Development and Validation of an Analytical Methodology for Quantification of Al in alumina-based materials by 27Al Solid-State NMR

    Alves, L.P.; San Gil, R.A.S.; Faro Júnior, A.C.; Borré, L.B.; Lima, S.H.; Pimentel, H.R.X.; Rocha, A.S.

  67. Life cycle sustainability assessment of synthetic fuels from date palm waste

    Ben, H. K.; Martín-Gamboa, M.; Khila, Z.; Hajjaji, N.; Dufour, J.; Iribarren, D.

  68. Carbon-Based Materials for Oxidative Desulfurization and Denitrogenation of Fuels: A Review

    Roman, F.F.; Díaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T., Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

  69. Pre-activation of SBA-15 intermediate barriers with Pd nuclei to increase thermal and mechanical resistances of pore-plated Pd-membranes

    Sanz-Villanueva, D.; Alique, D.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Sanz, R.; Calles, J.A.

  70. Hydrogen Production Technologies: From Fossil Fuels toward Renewable Sources. A Mini Review

    Megia, P. J.; Vizcaino, A. J.; Calles, J. A.; Carrero, A.

  71. Systematic experimental assessment of concentration polarization and inhibition in Pd-based membranes for hydrogen purification

    Tosto, E.; Martinez-Diaz, D.; Sanz, R.; Azzato, G.; Calles, J. A.; Medrano, J. A.; Fernandez, E.; Pacheco Tanaka, D. A.; Gallucci, F.; Alique, D.; Caravella, A.

  72. Evaluation of membranes performance for microplastic removal in a simple and low-cost filtration system

    Pizzichetti, A.R.P.; Pablos, C.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

  73. High-performance low-cost solar collectors for water treatment fabricated with recycled materials, open-source hardware and 3d-printing technologies

    Martín-Sómer, M.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

  74. Influence of water models on water movement through AQP1

    Gonzalez, M.A.; Zaragoza, A.; Lynch, C.I.; Sansom, M.S.P.; Valeriani, C.

  75. Tracking the evolution of embryonic zeolites into hierarchical ZSM-5

    Alonso-Doncel, M.; Peral, A.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Sanz, R.; Serrano, D. P.

  76. Kinetic insights on wet peroxide oxidation of caffeine using EDTA-functionalized low-cost catalysts prepared from compost generated in municipal solid waste treatment facilities

    Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; de Almeida, F.V.M. ; Oliveira, J.R.P. ; Praça, P.; Guerreiro, M.C.; Gomes, H.T.

  77. Methanol reforming by nanostructured Pd/Sm-doped ceria catalysts

    Kosinski, M.R.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Gómez-Sainero, L.M.; Carrero, A.; Baker, R.T.

  78. Sulfonic mesostructured SBA-15 silicas for the Solvent-Free production of Bio-Jet fuel precursors via aldol dimerization of levulinic acid

    Paniagua, M.; Cuevas, F.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.

  79. Modeling of H2 permeation through electroless pore-plated composite Pd membranes using computational fluid dynamics

    Fernández, A.; Casado, C.; Alique, D.; Calles, J.A.; Marugán, J.

  80. Coke evolution in simulated bio-oil aqueous fraction steam reforming using Co/SBA-15

    Megía, P.J.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Ruiz-Abad, M.; Calles J.A.; Carrero, A.

  81. Photocatalytic inactivation of dual- and mono-species biofilms by immobilized TiO2

    Pablos, C.; Govaert, M.; Angarano, V.; Smet, C.;Marugán, J.; Van Impe, J. F. M.

  82. Safe drinking water for rural communities using a low-cost household system. Effects of water matrix and field testing

    N. Pichel, H. Lubarsky, A. Afkhami, V. Baldasso, L. Botero, J. Salazar, M. Hincapie, J.A. Byrne, P. Fernandez-Ibañez

  83. New insights on the removal of diclofenac and ibuprofen by CWPO using a magnetite-based catalyst in an up-flow fixed-bed reactor

    Huacallo-Aguilar, Y.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Álvarez-Torrellas, S.; Gomes, H.T.; Larriba, M.; Ovejero, G.; García, J.

  84. Coupling biological and photocatalytic treatment of atrazine and tebuthiuron in aqueous solution

    Mahlalela, L. Ch.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Septien, S.; Ndlovu, Th.; Dlamini, L. N.

  85. Optimization and parallelization of the discrete ordinate method for radiation transport simulation in OpenFOAM: Hierarchical combination of shared and distributed memory approaches

    Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Casado, C.; Concha, D.; Montemayor, A. S.; Marugán, J.

  86. “In Silico” Seawater

    Zeron, I.M.; Gonzalez, M.A.; Errani, E.; Vega, C.; Abascal, J.L.F.

  87. Degradation of emerging contaminants: Effect of thermal treatment on Nb2O5 as photocatalyst

    Abreu, E.; Fidelis, M.Z.; Fuziki, M.E.; Malikoski, R.M.; Mastsubara, M.C.; Imada, R.E.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.; Anziliero, M.D.; Baldykowski, B.; Dias, D.T.; Lenzi, G.G.

  88. Mechanistic modelling of wastewater disinfection by the photo-Fenton process at circumneutral pH

    Casado, C.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; De la Obra, I.; Esteban García, B.; Sánchez Pérez, J. A.; Marugán, J.

  89. Pillared clays from natural resources as catalysts for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation: Characterization and kinetic insights

    Seitovna Kalmakhanova, M.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Kabykenovna Massalimova, B.; Gomes, H.T.

  90. Anisotropic Electron Transport Limits Performance of Bi2WO6 Photoanodes

    B. Moss, H. Le, S. Corgy, K. Morita, S. Selim, C. Sotelo-Vazquez, Y. Chen, A. Borthwick, A. Wilson, C. Blackman, J.R. Durrant, A. Walsh, A. Kafizas

  91. Biodiesel and biogas production from Isochrysis galbana using dry and wet lipid extraction: A biorefinery approach

    Sánchez-Bayo, A.; López-Chicarro, D.; Morales, V.; Espada, J. J. Puyol, D.; Martínez, F.; Astals, S.; Vicente, G.; Bautista, L. F.; Rodríguez, R.

  92. Activated Carbon from Winemaking Waste: Thermoeconomic Analysis for Large-Scale Production

    Lorero, I.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Alguacil, F.J.; López, F.A.

  93. Trametes versicolor immobilized on rotating biological contactors as alternative biological treatment for the removal of emerging concern micropollutants

    Cruz del Álamo. A.; Pariente, M. I.; Martínez, F.; Molina, R.

  94. An integrated techno-economic, environmental and social assessment of the solar thermochemical fuel pathway

    Falter, Ch.; Valente, A.; Habersetzer, A.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

  95. Synergistic and antagonistic effects in the photoelectrocatalytic disinfection of water with TiO2 supported on activated carbon as a bipolar electrode in a novel 3D photoelectrochemical reactor

    Mesones, S.; Mena, E.; López Muñoz, M. J.; Adán, C.; Marugán, J.

  96. Anaerobic digestion of purple phototrophic bacteria – The release step of the Partition-Release-Recover concept

    Hülsen, T.; Luc, Y.; Rodríguez, I.; Segura, Y.; Martínez, F.; Puyol, D.; Batstone D. M.

  97. Poly(vinyl chloride)-hyperbranched polyamidoamine ultrafiltration membranes with antifouling and antibiofouling properties

    Díez, B.; Sotto, A.; Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J.; Rosal, R.

  98. Life-cycle sustainability of biomass-derived sorbitol: Proposing technological alternatives for improving the environmental profile of a bio-refinery platform molecule

    Moreno, J.; Iglesias, J.; Blanco, J.; Montero, M.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.

  99. Catalysts Prepared with Matured Compost Derived from Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plants for the Wet Peroxide Oxidation of Pollutants with Different Lipophilicity

    Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Pantuzza, G.F.; Silva, A.M.T.; Praça, P.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

  100. Kinetic modeling of the synergistic thermal and spectral actions on the inactivation of viruses in water by sunlight

    García-Gi, A.; Martínez, A.; Polo-López,M. I.; Marugán, J.

  101. La Presencia de la Química en los billetes bancarios

    O. R. Montoro

  102. Multiple difusion pathways in LixNi0.77Co0.14Al0.09º2 (NCA) Li-ion battery cathodes

    T.E. Ashton, P.J. Baker, D. bauer, A.R. Groves, C. Sotelo-Vazquez, T. kamiyama, T. Matsukawa, K.M. Kojima, J.A. Darr

  103. Thermodynamic, economic and environmental assessment of energy systems including the use of gas from manure fermentation in the context of the Spanish potential

    Skorek-Osikowska, A.; Martín-Gamboa, M.; Iribarren, D.; García-Gusano, D.; Dufour, J.

  104. Life cycle costing and eco-efficiency assessment of fuel production by coprocessing biomass in crude oil refineries

    Cruz, P. L.; Iribarren, D.; Dufour, J.

  105. Life Cycle Assessment of biomass pellets: a review of methodological choices and results

    Mario Martín-Gamboa; Pedro Marques; Fausto Freire; Luis Arroja; Ana Cláudia Dias

  106. Glycerol valorization: conversion to lactic acid by heterogeneous catalysis and separation by ion exchange chromatography

    Arcanjo, M. R. A.; da Silva Jr, I. J.; Cavalcante Jr, C. L.; Iglesias, J.; Morales, J.; Paniagua, M.; Melero, J. A.; Vieira, R. S.

  107. Compost from Municipal Solid Wastes as a Source of Biochar for CO2 Capture

    Karimi, M.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gonçalves, C.N.d.P.; Gomes, H.T.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Silva, J.A.C.

  108. Engineering hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles to increase cytotoxicity

    Pérez-Garnes, M.; Gutiérrez-Salmerón, M.; Morales, V.; Chocarro-Calvo, A.; Sanz, R.; García-Jiménez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

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