Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Eva Romaní Cubells studied Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences in the University of Valencia. She has completed the Master in Pharmacology with a specialty in preclinical research at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
As for her scientific experience, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Eva Baldrich Rubio at the Vall d’Hebron – Institut de Recerca (VHIR), in the Diagnostic Nanotools group. During this stay, she acquired knowledge and skills in the development of ultrasensitive biosensors and bioassays for biomedical purposes. In addition, she has worked at the Institute of Chemical Technology (UPV-CSIC), in the Nanomedicine group, under the supervision of Dr. Pablo Botella. Here, she has synthesized mesoporous nanoparticles of different pore size and has carried out its functionalization, within the framework of a drug delivery project; in addition, she contributed to a project of adsorption of human serum proteins on nanoparticles. During this period, she collaborated with the Tissue and Neuronal Regeneration group of the Prince Felipe Research Center, with Dr. Victoria Moreno, where she has worked with various techniques and methods of molecular and cellular biology. Currently, she enjoys an FPI scholarship to do her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Sanz Martín and García Muñoz at Rey Juan Carlos University.
Protein Corona over Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles: Influence of the Pore Diameter on Competitive Adsorption and Application to Prostate Cancer Diagnostics

Vidaurre-Agut, C.; Rivero-Buceta, E.; Romaní-Cubells, E.; Clemments, A.M.; Vera-Donoso, C.D.; Landry, C.C.; Botella, P.