Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Florentina finished the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemical Engineering from Jaén University in 2018. She was in an Erasmus exchange in Warsaw University of Technology (Poland). She also finished his studies about Laboratory Technician for analysis and quality control in 2012.
Florentina has worked as Laboratory Technician in CSR Servicios in 2012 and Quality, Environmental and Energy Technician in the company ALUCOAT-CONVERSION S.A. between 2017 and 2018. She developed her Degree Project in The Chemical, Environmental and Material Engineering Department of Jaén University about design and optimization of the hydrothermal fractionation of the olive bone for the production of biofuel.
Nowadays, Florentina is working as research assistant at Juan Carlos University in the field of catalysis synthesis for its application in processes related to biorefineries and production of biofuels from lignocellulosis biomass.
Sulfonic mesostructured SBA-15 silicas for the Solvent-Free production of Bio-Jet fuel precursors via aldol dimerization of levulinic acid

Paniagua, M.; Cuevas, F.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.