Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

PhD in Chemistry by the Institute of Chemistry of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IQ/UFRJ) at the Laboratory of Heterogeneous Catalysis (Dept. of Physical Chemistry), supervised by Prof. Arnaldo da Costa Faro Jr. and Luz Amparo Palacio Santos. M.S. in Chemistry by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) in the Laboratory of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (LCP-UFRN), supervised by Prof. Antonio Souza Araujo & Prof. Anne M. G. Pedrosa. Graduated in Chemistry by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in 2008. Worked as a researcher at the Institute of Macromolecules of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IMA/UFRJ) in a project that was an agreement signed between IMA/UFRJ, Department of Chemistry Engineering of the Universidad Federal de Pernambuco (DEQ/UFPE), the Petrochemical Industry of Suape (PQS) - Pernambuco/Brazil, CENPES-PETROBRAS and COPPETEC (Fundação de Coordenação de Projetos, Pesquisas e Estudos Tecnológicos) under the supervision of Marcos Lopes Díaz and José Gerardo Pacheco professors, whose work produced the patent deposit for CENPES-PETROBRAS. Experience in physical chemistry with emphasis on catalysis applied to the Oil and Gas Industry, acting mainly in: synthesis of dimethyl ether (DME) from syngas, hydrodesulphurisation processes (HDS), chemical recycling of PET, characterisation of heterogeneous catalysts, studies of reactions by in-situ DRIFTS, Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, thermal analysis, chromatography, bifunctional catalysts, zeolites and molecular sieves. Currently working as a researcher in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos under the leadership of José Iglesias Morán and Jovita Moreno Vozmediano professors.

Development and Validation of an Analytical Methodology for Quantification of Al in alumina-based materials by 27Al Solid-State NMR

Alves, L.P.; San Gil, R.A.S.; Faro Júnior, A.C.; Borré, L.B.; Lima, S.H.; Pimentel, H.R.X.; Rocha, A.S.

Copper-manganese catalysts with high activity for methanol synthesis

Blanco, H.; Lima, S.H.; Rodrigues, V.D.; Palacio, L.A.; Faro, A.D, Jr.

Niobia-alumina as methanol dehydration component in mixed catalyst systems for dimethyl ether production from syngas

Lima, S.H.; Forrester, A.M.S.; Palacio, L.A.; Faro, A.D, Jr

Direct synthesis and characterization of LaSBA-15 mesoporous molecular sieves

Luz, G.E., Jr.; Lima, S.H.; Melo, A.C.R.; Araujo, A.S.; Fernandes, V.J., Jr.

Structural and Morphological Characterization of Pt/WOx-ZrO2 Catalysts

Pedrosa, A.M.G.; Melo, D.M.A.; Souza, M.J.B.; Araujo, A.S.; Lima, S.H.; Melo, M.A.F.; Sasaki, J.M.

Hydrodesulfurization of thiophene over CoMo/AlMCM-41

Souza, M.J.B.; Araujo, A.S.; Pedrosa, A.M.G.; Lima, S.H.

Determination of the acidity of MCM-41 with different Si/Al ratios by the temperature programmed desorption of pyridine

Souza, M.J.B.; Lima, S.H.; Araujo, A.S.; Pedrosa, A.M.G.; Coutinho, A.C.S.L.S.

Influence of the synthesis method on the DTG-TPR profiles of Pt/WOx-ZrO2 bifunctional catalysts

Pedrosa, A.M.G.; Souza, M.J.B.; Lima, S.H.; Melo, D.M.A.; Souza, A.G.; Araújo, A.S.

Kinetic parameters of surfactant remotion occluded in the pores of the AlMCM-41 nanostructured materials

Souza, M.J.B.; Araujo, A.S.; Pedrosa, A.M.G.; Lima, S.H.; Fernande, V.J.