Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Xinlong He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering at Tianjin Chengjian University (China, Tianjin) in June 2020, majoring in Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering. In July 2023, he completed his Master's degree in Engineering from the School of Civil Engineering at Chang'an University (China, Xi'an), majoring in Municipal Engineering. His primary research interests include the recycling of solid waste, utilization of water sludge resources, and ecological treatment of sewage. Since October 2023, Xinlong He has been pursuing his Ph.D. at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos(Spain), focusing on the preparation and application of materials for wastewater treatment.
Developing a Novel Alum Sludge-Based Floating Treatment Wetland for Natural Water Restoration

He, X.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, W.; Ren, B.; Zhao, Y.