Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Laura Nathalia Mora García is an Environmental Chemist from Santo Tomás University (Colombia) and holds a Master's degree in Chemical Sciences and Technologies from Complutense University of Madrid (Spain). During her undergraduate thesis work, she was involved in the research area of Bio-organic Chemistry and Natural Products within the research group GIADS, where she conducted a study on the larvicidal activity of essential oils against the Aedes aegypti mosquito. In her master's program, she specialized in the development of an enzymatic biosensor for the detection of species of interest in the food industry, as part of the Nanosensors and Nanomachines research group.
In terms of her professional career, she has experience in the palm oil industry in Colombia, working as a Quality Control Analyst for both the process and water, and also serving as the head of the quality department. She has also worked as a Research and Development Chemist and sample manager in the chemical industry specializing in metallic catalysts for additives in Spain.
At Rey Juan Carlos University, she worked as a researcher on the Electrofenton project and is currently pursuing her doctoral research on the utilization of biomass for reducing contaminants in wastewater through oxidation processes.