Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Carlos Sainz Urruela has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alcalá de Henares, time in which he has collaborated with the University Tor Vergata di Roma to extend his thesis projects. His thesis was focused on the dispersion of graphene and derivatives using green methodologies, the retention and quantification of active compounds of interest using this graphene, and the creation of paper-based biosensors for the detection of biological enzymes and pesticides (2019 - 2023).
Previously, he studied a degree in Biology at the Complutense University of Madrid (2013 - 2017) and a master's degree in Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2017 - 2018) at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, whose theses were focused on the study of cognitive bottleneck in mice when they were exposed to multitasking situations, and the synthesis of dermal patches composed of polymeric nanofibers for controlled drug release, respectively.
In 2023 he began his association with the Rey Juan Carlos University where he carries out research work in the high performance group in chemical and environmental engineering. To date, he has worked on the extraction and purification of phycobiliproteins from microalgae, and on the use of these microalgae as a renewable resource for the production of biofuels.

Bioactive trans-resveratrol as dispersant of graphene in water. Molecular interactions

Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.; San Andrés, M.P.

Surface functionalization of graphene oxide with tannic acid: Covalent vs non-covalent approaches

Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.P.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.

Fluorescence study of the influence of centrifugation on graphene oxide dispersions in water and in tannic acid

Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; Díez-Pascual, A.M.; San Andrés, M.P.

Graphene-Based Sensors for the Detection of Bioactive Compounds: A Review

Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.P.; Díez-Pascual, A.

Tailorable Synthesis of Highly Oxidized Graphene Oxides via an Environmentally-Friendly Electrochemical Process

Díez-Pascual, A.; Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vallés, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.

Physico-Chemically Distinct Nanomaterials Synthesized from Derivates of a Poly(Anhydride) Diversify the Spectrum of Loadable Antibiotics

Mira, A.; Sainz-Urruela, C.; Codina, H.; Jenkins, S.I.; Rodriguez-Diaz, J.C.;Mallavia, R.; Falcó, A.

Graphene Oxides Derivatives Prepared by an Electrochemical Approach: Correlation between Structure and Properties

Sainz-Urruela, C.; Vera-López, S.; San Andrés, M.; Díez-Pascual, A.