Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Inés Bozalongo Hita graduated in Environmental Engineering and Industrial Organization Engineering from the School of Experimental Sciences and Technology of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Madrid in 2021. Her Final Degree Projects focused on the study and design of waste management systems; Study of the Implementation of the separate collection of biowaste in Fuenlabrada and Adaptation and adequacy of the domestic waste management system of the Mancomunidad del Sur de la Comunidad de Madrid in pre-Covid and Covid periods.
She did his curricular and extracurricular internships as a Waste Technician at the Fuenlabrada City Council, and subsequently completed both end-of-degree projects in collaboration with them.
In early September 2022 she joined the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology of the URJC as a researcher in the “Cátedra de Economía Circular para la Gestión Sostenible de Residuos”.