Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Graduated with a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Currently, I´m studiyng Chemical Engineering Master at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Since 2020 I have been working as a researcher in the field of water treatment, mainly using photocatalytic methods. These activities take place at the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico in Rey Juan Carlos University.
PaniWater and Rewatergy are the mainly projects I´ve been working on. These projects have the same objetive: develop sustainable water treatment techniques and their applications, since water is an essential resource and its safe consumption must be guaranteed to reach every region of the planet.

Comparing the efficiency of solar water treatment: Photovoltaic-LED vs compound parabolic collector photoreactors

Martín-Sómer, M.; Molina-Ramírez, M. D.; Perez-Araujo, M. L.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

Weathering of plastic SODIS containers and the impact of ageing on their lifetime and disinfection efficacy

García-Gil, A; Molina-Ramírez, M.D.; García-Muñoz, R.A.; Marasini, R.; Buck, L.; McGuigan, K.G.; Marugán,J.