Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Beatriz graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2018, after which she completed a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2019. During the last years, he has enjoyed different grants for introduction to research: "Aid for the Promotion of Research in master studies by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" in 2018, focused on methods of removal of ionic liquids from wastewater and "Grants for Introduction to Research for university students (JAE Intro 2019)" in the application of solar photocatalysis to wastewater treatment at the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP-CSIC).
Subsequently, from September 2020 to August 2021, she spent one year of research work at the ICP-CSIC in the project RTI2018-094958-B-I00 "Development of efficient strategies for water treatment using photocatalytic processes with solar light".
Currently, Beatriz has been hired as a visiting professor at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. There, apart from her teaching activity, she is working on her doctoral thesis focused on wastewater reuse and sludge valorisation.

Bioelectrocatalytic Activity of W-Formate Dehydrogenase Covalently Immobilized on Functionalized Gold and Graphite Electrodes

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Cutting-edge materials combining zerovalent iron applied to the photocatalytic treatment of organic contaminants of emerging concern in wastewater

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Degradation of Endocrine Disruptors, Pesticides, and Pharmaceuticals Using Photocatalysis

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