Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

María Erans obtained her MEng degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Energy Technologies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2014). In 2013, she was awarded a European grant to undertake a double-degree program achieving an MSc in Carbon Capture and Storage at Cranfield University (2013-2014).
She obtained a PhD in Energy and Power at Cranfield University (2017). During her PhD, she investigated different materials for CO2 capture using the calcium looping technology at pilot-scale. She was a visiting researcher at Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione in Naples (Italy) and Institut für Feuerungs- und Kraftwerkstechnik in Stuttgart (Germany). After her PhD, she was hired as a post-doctoral fellow at Cranfield University where she participated in different projects related to direct air capture, fuel cells and biogas purification, while teaching post-graduate students and supervising MSc thesis.
In 2018, she moved to the University of Nottingham where she collaborated and was the technical lead of different industrially funded chemical engineering projects, as well as teaching undergraduate students and supervising PhD students.
Currently, she has published 18 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and her work has been presented in several conferences worldwide. She is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2018.
Her research interests are Carbon Capture and Storage, Biomass conversion, Fluidised Beds, Process Engineering and Scale-up of chemical engineering processes.
Currently, she is developing the ALCO2 project as a GET-COFUND Marie Curie Fellow at URJC developing and investigating novel adsorbents for low-concentration CO2 capture.

Carbonation of lime-based materials under ambient conditions for direct air capture

M Erans, SA Nabavi, V Manovic

Demonstration of a kW-scale solid oxide fuel cell-calciner for power generation and production of calcined materials

SA Nabavi, M Erans, V Manovic

Pilot-scale calcination of limestone in steam-rich gas for direct air capture

M Erans, SA Nabavi, V Manovic

Pilot testing of enhanced sorbents for calcium looping with cement production

M Erans, M Jeremias, L Zheng, JG Yao, J Blamey, V Manovic, PS Fennell, EJ Anthony

Technical and economic feasibility evaluation of calcium looping with no CO2 recirculation

DP Hanak, M Erans, SA Nabavi, M Jeremias, LM Romeo, V Manovic

Fragmentation of biomass-templated CaO-based pellets

M Erans, F Cerciello, A Coppola, O Senneca, F Scala, V Manovic, EJ Anthony