Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Graduated in Chemistry from Complutense University of Madrid, UCM (2018). In the personal and research field, she carried our the final degree Project “Synthesis of chiral bis(BODIPY)s as an approach to new designs for CPL emision”, in the Research Group of Organic Dyes for Photonic Materials. .
Since February 2019, has held the position of Research Project Personnal in the Chemical And Enviromental Engineering Group at URJC, where her research work focuses on the production of Hydrogen throeught Thermochemical Cycles, as well as, Thermochemical Energy Storage.
Experimental evaluation and energy analysis of a two-step water splitting thermochemical cycle for solar hydrogen production based on La0.8Sr0.2CoO3-d perovskite

Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Pérez, A.; Barras-García, I.; Sanz, R.; Marugán, J.; Molina, R.; Botas, J.A.