Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Maria is a Postdoctoral fellow (Marie-Curie) under the program Got Energy Talent. Maria holds the Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry at University of Alcala (2012). She has done some postdoctoral stays in the University of Hokkaido (Sapporo, Japan) under the supervision of Prof. Tamotsu Takahashi, in the Interuniversity Consortium Chemical reactivity and Catalysis, CIRCC (Bari, Italy), under the supervision of Prof. Michele Aresta. After that, she moved to Valencia to the ITQ, working with a contract promoted by Unesco performing research about waste valorization.
He belongs to the Spanish Catalysis Society (SECAT) and Organometallic Spanish Society (GECO). She is referee of in many SCI-indexed scientific journals.
To date she has participated in 10 research Project, being IP of two of them, all of them were gained in public calls. She was the co-director of two master thesis and three bachelor thesis. Is the co-author of 17 SCI-indexed scientific journals, 15 of which are Q1. She has two patents, Spanish and Italian. She has participated in 15 congress meetings, most of them international, where she presented oral communication and/or poster presentation.
In 2017 she received the prize for young researchers given by the partnership formed by Unesco-IUPAC-Phosagro because of her research in Green Chemistry; program Green Chemistry for life. She is passionate about science dissemination, and she uses to participate in dissemination events specially to promote science to girls, such as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
  • Synergetic integration of BIOtechnology and thermochemical CaTalysis for the cAscade coNvErsion of organic waste to jet-fuel (BIOCTANE)

    Funding : European Commission (GA 101084336)
    Start / End Years : 2022 - 2026
    Principal Investigator : Melero Hernández, Juan Antonio y Morales Sánchez, Gabriel
    Research Team : - Leo Llorente, Pedro - Melero Hernández, Juan Antonio - Morales Sánchez, Gabriel - Paniagua Martín, Marta - Ventura Sanchez-Hornero, María 

      Show summary: The reduction of GHG emissions according to the Paris Agreement is particularly challenging regarding the production of “green” liquid fuels with a high energy density for the aviation sector (drop-in biokerosene). In this context, the BIOCTANE project aims to develop and optimize an innovative process for the conversion of organic waste materials naturally characterized by a high-water content (e.g. food-waste, organic material from the food processing industry) into carbon-neutral market-ready drop-in jet-fuels. In particular, BIOCTANE project will develop a proof of concept on the synergetic coupling of biotechnological and thermocatalytic processing routes by a disruptive and interdisciplinary strategy that will result in an efficient valorization of the organic wastes into renewable jet-fuel, maximizing the recovery of chemical energy, nutrients and carbon use. First, the complex organic waste will be converted into platform molecules (acetoin and 2,3-butanediol) by creating a breakthrough link between biotechnological processing of biowaste and hydrothermal gasification technology. Subsequently, a novel one-pot chemical process will be developed by the combination of different catalytic steps through which the platform molecules are converted to jet-fuel range hydrocarbons. Based on an extensive process flow modelling, the process efficiency and the technoeconomic requirements for full market integration as well as the environmental impact will be assessed. Best environmental performance, including recovering nutrients for reuse will be aimed for throughout the process development. Therefore, BIOCTANE will establish a novel pathway involving hybrid processes and multifunctional catalysts, contributing to implement sustainable, secure and competitive renewable energy technologies in Europe, boosting the use of advanced biofuels and with a direct impact on strategic areas like aviation transport

Catalytic Processes for Lignin Valorization into Fuels and Chemicals (Aromatics)

Ventura, M.; Domine, M.; Chaves-Sifontes, M.

Tunable mixed oxides based on CeO2 for the selective aerobic oxidation of 5-(hydroxymethyl)furfural to DFF and FDCA in water

Ventura, M.; Lobefaro, F.; De Giglio, E.; Cometa, S.; Altomare A.; Dibenedetto, A.

Selective Oxidation of 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural to DFF Using Water as Solvent and Oxygen as Oxidant with Earth-Crust-Abundant Mixed Oxides

Nocito, F.; Ventura, M.; Aresta, M.; Dibenedetto, A.