Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cantabria (2017) . During the career she carried out professional internships at the company Solvay Química S.L, in the carbonate production unit. His final degree project “Carbon footprint of a wind farm”, was based on the study of complete life cycle analysis of a windfarm. In 2017/2018, he completed the Master in Energy and Fuels for the Future, at the Autonomous University of Madrid. His master's thesis, he developed at the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemicals (CSIC), "Obtaining biofuels from levulinic acid through supported Pd catalysts", the main objective of this project was to identify and develop new catalytic technologies to take advantage of integral, sustainable and competitive way lignocellulosic waste and transform them into renewable chemicals and biofuels. In September 2018, was incorporated into IMDEA energy as a researcher in training where during one year, the main activity was the realization of thermal and catalytic pyrolysis reactions, using as lignin biomass and different catalysts both zeolitic and carbonaceous. He is currently developing his doctoral thesis in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group of the Rey Juan Carlos University with a scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (scholarship for the training program for research staff, FPI).
Direct Conversion of Levulinic Acid into Valeric Biofuels Using Pd Supported Over Zeolites as Catalysts

Muñoz Olasagasti, M.; Sañudo Mena, A.; Cecilia, J.A.; López Granados, M.; Pedro Maireles Torres