Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Laura Collado obtained her BSc in Environmental Sciences from Alcalá University in 2007 and Oficial Master Degree in Technology and Energy Resources from Rey Juan Carlos University in 2010. The same year, she was awarded with a FPI fellowship to start a PhD at IMDEA Energy Institute (Spain). Her research was focused on the photocatalytic reduction of CO2. In 2012, she completed a 3 months stay at Imperial College London (London, UK) to get deep insights into charge dynamics using transient absorption spectroscopy (TAS). She also participated in two beamtime periods at the synchrotron light source ALBA (Barcelona, Spain) to perform in-situ NAP-XPS. In 2015, she defended her PhD dissertation at Rey Juan Carlos University with european distiction. In 2016, she started her postdoctoral research at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) to apply her catalysis knowledge on the bioenergy field. Nowadays, she works as a postdoctoral researcher within a Got Energy Talent Fellowship (GET-cofund Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions). Her research focuses on Artificial Photosynthesis for the production of solar fuels and chemicals.

Overcoming the limitations of gold catalysts in hydrogenation: enhanced activity with full hydrogen utilization

Keane M.A., Li M., Collado L., Cárdenas-Lizana F.

Influence of surface density on the CO2 photoreduction activity of a DC magnetron sputtered TiO2 catalyst

Fresno F., Reñones P., Alfonso E., Guillén C., Trigo J.F., Herrero J., Collado L., de la Peña O’Shea V.A.

Gas Phase Hydrogenation of Furaldehydes via Coupling with Alcohol Dehydrogenation over Ceria Supported Au-Cu

Pischetola C., Collado L., Aguado-Molina R., Treceno-Martín S., Cárdenas-Lizana F., Keane M.A.

Unravelling the effect of charge dynamics at the plasmonic metal/semiconductor interface for CO2 photoreduction

Collado L., Reynal A., Fresno F., Barawi M., Escudero C., Perez-Dieste V., Coronado J.M., Serrano D.P., Durrant J.R., de la Peña O’Shea V.A.

Mechanistic View of the Main Current Issues in Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction

Fresno F., Villar I., Collado L., Barawi M., Reñones P., Alfonso E., de la Peña O’Shea V.A.

Elucidating the Photoredox Nature of Isolated Iron Active Sites on MCM-41

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Unravelling the photoredox pathways in CO2 photoreduction by artificial photosynthesis

De la Peña O'Shea, V.A., Collado L., Reñones P., Alfonso E., Fresno F., Liras M., Barawi M.

Role of Support Oxygen Vacancies in the Gas Phase Hydrogenation of Furfural over Gold

Li M., Collado L., Cárdenas-Lizana F., Keane M.A.

Photocatalytic H2 production from aqueous methanol solutions using metal-co-catalysed Zn2SnO4 nanostructures

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Hierarchical TiO2 nanofibres as photocatalyst for CO2 reduction: Influence of morphology and phase composition on catalytic activity

Reñones P., Moya A., Fresno F., Collado L., Vilatela J.J., de la Peña O'Shea V.A.

Effect of Au surface plasmon nanoparticles on the selective CO2 photoreduction to CH4

Collado L., Reynal A., Coronado J.M., Serrano D.P., Durrant J.R., de la Peña O'Shea V.A.

Enhancement of hydrocarbon production via artificial photosynthesis due to synergetic effect of Ag supported on TiO2 and ZnO semiconductors

Collado, L.; Jana, P.; Sierra, B.; Coronado, J. M.; Pizarro, P.; Serrano, D. P.; de la Peña O'Shea, V. A.