Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Graduated in Chemical Engineering and in engineering in industrial organization, she is studing the Master in Industrial Engineering, specializing in mechanics in the Nacional University of Distance Education in Spain.
In the profesional and research field, she collaborated in CINTTEC at the Rey Juan Carlos University, performing technical and funtional análisis of technological patents, then she worked as a quality technician of paints, resins and bituminous binders in Composan, afterwards she went to work as a construction technician for civil works installations and made measurements of them, finally she joined the Company Securitas Direct as Data Scientist, performing quility tasks of the products communication signals.
Currently, she works in the research of the optimization of biofuel production.
Understanding the role of Al/Zr ratio in Zr-Al-Beta zeolite: Towards the onepot production of GVL from glucose.

Paniagua, M.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.; Iglesias, J.; López-Aguado, C.; Vidal, N.; Mariscal, R.; López-Granados, M.; Martínez-Salazar, I.