Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Jose finished the bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, in Móstoles, Madrid, in 2017. He is currently finishing his Master Degree in Computer Engineering in the same University.
Jose has worked in several Research Projects in URJC, focused in advanced modelling and simulation of photoactivated processes. He has developed a novel Discrete Ordinate Method to simulate radiation in the Open Source simulation framework OpenFOAM, achieving a higher precision (especially in sunlight or LEDs sources) at a lower computational cost (60% faster than the standard DOM).

Predicting the bactericidal efficacy of solar disinfection (SODIS): from kinetic modeling of in vitro tests towards the in silico forecast of E. coli inactivation

Samoili, S.; Farinelli, G.; Moreno-SanSegundo; J. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.; Pulgarín, C. ; Giannakis, S.

Mechanistic modelling of wastewater disinfection by the photo-Fenton process at circumneutral pH

Casado, C.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; De la Obra, I.; Esteban García, B.; Sánchez Pérez, J. A.; Marugán, J.

High-performance low-cost solar collectors for water treatment fabricated with recycled materials, open-source hardware and 3d-printing technologies

Martín-Sómer, M.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

Optimization and parallelization of the discrete ordinate method for radiation transport simulation in OpenFOAM: Hierarchical combination of shared and distributed memory approaches

Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Casado, C.; Concha, D.; Montemayor, A. S.; Marugán, J.

SODIS potential: A novel parameter to assess the suitability of solar water disinfection worldwide

Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Giannakis, S.; Samoili, S. S.; Farinelli, G.; McGuigan, K. G.; Pulgarín, C.; Marugán, J.

Enhanced numerical simulation of photocatalytic reactors with an improved solver for the radiative transfer equation

Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.

Improved discrete ordinate method for accurate simulation radiation transport using solar and LED light sources

Moreno, J.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.