Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Sara Jerez Uriarte studied Environmental Science Degree in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, URJC (2016). She also got the tittle of Master Degree in Energies and Fuels for the future by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, UAM (2018).
She worked with in the department of Energetic System Analysis of CIEMAT (Center of Energetic, Environmental and Technological investigations) doing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). At the same time, she did her Final Degree Proyect based on the production of biofuels with sewage sludge and the recovery of nutrients.
Nowadays, Sara is working in URJC doing a PhD based on treatment of oily sludge for biofuels and fertilizers production.

ZVI Addition in Continuous Anaerobic Digestion Systems Dramatically Decreases P Recovery Potential: Dynamic Modelling

Puyol, D.; Flores-Alsina, X.; Segura, Y.; Molina, R.; Jerez, S.; Gernaey, K.V.; Melero, J.A.; Martinez, F.

Meta-análisis de las categorías de impacto no convencionales de fertilizantes y fitosanitarios utilizados en cultivos energéticos en España

Garraín, D.; Jerez-Uriarte, S.

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