Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Jorge Blanco studied Environmental Engineering in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2010-2015), and recieved his Master´s Degree title in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology in 2018 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
In 2014, he joined the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group (ESCET, URJC) for 3 months, cooperating in the synthesis and characterization of hierachical porosity catalysts. Later, he started working in the wastewater treatment plant of the University Campus, where he developed his Final Degree Project about design and modeling of an RBC system-based treatment plant. After more tan one year and a half dedicated to waste management and environmental audit, he started a 10 month period working for the Astrobiology Center (INTA-CSIC), doing research in the fields of microbiology and molecular evolution.
His research is currently focused in the developement of new catalysts for the chemical transformation of the biomass into industrial products, enhancing the sustainability of the process.

Comparative life cycle assessment of glucose production from maize starch and woody biomass residues as a feedstock

Blanco, J.; Iglesias, J.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.; Moreno, J.

Life-cycle sustainability of biomass-derived sorbitol: Proposing technological alternatives for improving the environmental profile of a bio-refinery platform molecule

Moreno, J.; Iglesias, J.; Blanco, J.; Montero, M.; Morales, G.; Melero, J. A.