Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Luis Miguel López Renau has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Science of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid since 2015. His Final Degree Project, entitled "Elimination of textile dyes by hydrogenation reactions using palladium catalysts supported on pillared clays", was performed in the Physical Chemistry Department of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He finished his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering Autonomous University of Madrid and Rey Juan Carlos Universidad in 2017. His Master's Degree Final Project, entitled "Activated carbon supported amines for CO2 adsorption", was performed in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry of the Stockholm University. At the beginning of September 2017, he joined the Department of Chemical and Energetic Technology, Chemical and Environmental Technology and Mechanical Technology and Analytical Chemistry of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid as a full time professor.
Modeling the anodization of large titanium electrodes

Mena, E.; López, M.; Martín de Vidales, M. J.; Marugán, J.