Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Helena Andrés Montes studied both, the Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and the Master in Organic Chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid. Along her studies, she worked as researcher in different research groups, being finally the New Materials Group Organic Heterocyclic and Macromolecular where she carried out her thesis, based on the study of the synthesis and structural characterization of novel naphthalene and perylene derivatives for use in optoelectronic devices.
After finishing her studies, Helena started working in the Bioorganic Group of the University of Burgos, where she focused her research on the design, synthesis and characterization of several organic compounds, derived from natural tambjamines and prodigiosines, able to transport anions across lipid bilayers, for their application in the treatment of different channelopathies, such as cystic fibrosis.
Nowadays, Helena is doing her PhD in the Chemistry and Ambiental Engineer Group of the University Rey Juan Carlos, where she carries out the design of MOF and COF hybrid materials for their application in adsorption and catalysis processes.
Novel and versatile cobalt Azobenzene-Based Metal-Organic Framework as hydrogen adsorbent

Montes-Andrés, H.; Leo, P.; Orcajo, G.; Rodríguez-Diéguez, A.; Choquesillo-Lazarte, D.; Martos, C.; Botas, J. A.; Martínez, F., Calleja, G.