Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Cintia Casado studied chemical engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University, between September 2004 - July 2010. During this period she did the end of degree research project in the degradation of naproxen and carbamazepine with microbiological treatments, a research project during the academic practices based on the separation operation more suitable for a glycol-water mixture, and during her stay course in Argentina, made a preliminary design of a water treatment plant for the city of San Lorenzo.
Then, she continued her studies at Rey Juan Carlos University with a Master degree in Technology and Energy Resources in the period 2010-2012. The topic of the Master thesis involved fabrication and characterization of heterojunction organic solar cells and development of photolithography patterns for further integration in a cell, in collaboration with the Institute IMDEA Nanoscience.
During this period she worked as a predoctoral assistant at IMDEA Nanoscience participating in the projects: Multifunctional Nanotechnology for Selective Detection and Treatment of Cancer, funded by the European Union and the Optimisation of functional nanoparticles as a novel, minimal -invasive and efficient therapy for targeting Cancer Stem Cell, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. This period resulted in three articles of which Cintia was the co-author, in addition to presenting her research at national conferences.
Today has started a doctorate at the University Rey Juan Carlos, in the elimination of emerging chemical and biological pollulants by integrated advanced biooxidation and photocatalytic processe for water regeneration. Specifically, right now, she is trying to simulate these processes with software.

  • Integrated processes for monitoring and treatment of emerging contaminants for water reuse (MOTREM, Water JPI Pilot Call)

    Funding : WATER JPI - Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad - Acciones de Programación Conjunta Internacional - (Water JPI JPIW2013-121)
    Start / End Years : 2014 - 2017
    URL :
    Principal Investigator : Marugán Aguado, Javier
    Research Team : - Casado Merino, Cintia - López Muñoz, Mª José - Martín Sómer, Miguel - Martínez Castillejo, Fernando - Marugán Aguado, Javier - Molina Gil, Raúl - Pablos Carro, Cristina - Pariente Castilla, Isabel - Segura Urraca, Yolanda 

      Show summary: The MOTREM project is a Water JPI project that focuses on the development of integrated processes for monitoring and treatment of emerging contaminants (ECs), improving the efficiency of the removal of these pollutants in urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), especially for water reuse. The project aims to provide new technologies for water treatment and/or improving the existing ones through the development of integrated processes for monitoring and treatment of ECs in the current waterline of municipal wastewater treatment plants, especially focusing on the aspect of water reuse. For this goal, the project combines cross- and multi-disciplinary expertise on water treatment processes design and engineering, analytical chemistry and ecotoxicology applied to ECs that guarantee the generation not only on new scientific knowledge but also of innovative commercial solutions to the market.

Predicting the size of silver nanoparticles synthesised in flow reactors: coupling population balance models with fluid dynamic simulations

Casado, C.; Pinho, B.; Marugán, J.; Torrente-Murciano, L.

Removal of diclofenac by UV-B and UV-C light-emitting diodes (LEDs) driven advanced oxidation processes (AOPs): wavelength dependence, kinetic modelling and energy consumption

Pizzichetti, R. ; Reynolds, K.; Pablos, C.; Casado, C.; Moore, E.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

Evaluation of new photochemical systems for water disinfection by the integration of particle tracking into kinetic models for microbial inactivation

Casado, C.; Yunta, V.; Marugán, J.

Optimization and parallelization of the discrete ordinate method for radiation transport simulation in OpenFOAM: Hierarchical combination of shared and distributed memory approaches

Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Casado, C.; Concha, D.; Montemayor, A. S.; Marugán, J.

Coupling biological and photocatalytic treatment of atrazine and tebuthiuron in aqueous solution

Mahlalela, L. Ch.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Septien, S.; Ndlovu, Th.; Dlamini, L. N.

Modeling of H2 permeation through electroless pore-plated composite Pd membranes using computational fluid dynamics

Fernández, A.; Casado, C.; Alique, D.; Calles, J.A.; Marugán, J.

Mechanistic modelling of wastewater disinfection by the photo-Fenton process at circumneutral pH

Casado, C.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; De la Obra, I.; Esteban García, B.; Sánchez Pérez, J. A.; Marugán, J.

Enhanced numerical simulation of photocatalytic reactors with an improved solver for the radiative transfer equation

Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.

Photocatalytic degradation of atrazine in aqueous solution using hyperbranched polyethyleneimine templated morphologies of BiVO4 fused with Bi2O3

Charles Mahlalela, L; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Septien, S.; Thabile Ndlovu, Th.; Nsikayezwe Dlamini, L.

Synthesis of platelet-like BiVO4 using hyperbranched polyethyleneimine for the formation of heterojunctions with Bi2O3

Mahlalela, L. Ch.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Septien, S.; Thabile Ndlovu, Th.; Dlamini, L. N.

Improved discrete ordinate method for accurate simulation radiation transport using solar and LED light sources

Moreno, J.; Casado, C.; Marugán, J.

Comparing potentiostatic and galvanostatic anodization of titanium membranes for hybrid photocatalytic/microfiltration processes

Casado, C.; Mesones, S.; Adán, C.; Marugán, J.

Critical role of the light spectrum on the simulation of solar photocatalytic reactors

Casado, C.; García-Gil, A.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

Photocatalytic NOx removal: Rigorous kinetic modelling and ISO standard reactor simulation

Muñoz, V.; Casado, C.; Suárez, S.; Sánchez, B.; Marugán, J.

Novel procedure for the numerical simulation of solar water disinfection processes in flow reactors

García-Gil, A.; Casado, C.; Pablos, C.; Marugán, J.

Comparative evaluation of OpenFOAM and ANSYS Fluent for the modeling of annular reactors

Ariza, C.; Casado, C.; Wang, R-.Q.; Adams, E.; Marugán, J.

Comprehensive multiphysics modeling of photocatalytic processes by computational fluid dynamics based on intrinsic kinetic parameters determined in a differential photoreactor

Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Timmers, R.; Muñoz, M.; van Grieken, R.

Bacterial inactivation and degradation of organic molecules by titanium dioxide supported on porous stainless steel photocatalytic membranes

Adán, C.; Marugán, J.; Mesones, S.; Casado, C.; van Grieken, R.

Design and validation of a LED-based high intensity photocatalytic reactor for quantifying activity measurements

Casado, C.; Timmers, R.; Sergejevs, A.; Clarke, C.T.; Allsopp, D.W.E.; Bowen, C.R.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

A calibrated UV-LED based light source for water purification and characterisation of photocatalysis

Sergejevs, A.; Clarke, C.T.; Allsopp, D.W.E.; Marugán, J.; Jaroenworaluckc, A.; Singhapong, W.; Manpetch, P.; Timmers, R.; Casado, C.; Bowen, C.R.

Novel simple method for preparing tailored polymer-titania nanotubes hybrid materials

Marugán, J.; Casado, C.; Silverberg, G.; Vecitis, Ch. D.

Laboratorio virtual: solución de las ecuaciones de conservación mediante volúmenes finitos

Casado, C.; Schiave, E.; Calles, J. A.

  • @tic: revista d'innovaci educativa. Monogrfico: Innovacin Educativa en Ingeniera Qumica, 122-131 (2014)
  • doi:10.7203/attic.13.3905

Accurate determination of the specific absorption rate in superparamagnetic nanoparticles under non-adiabatic conditions

Teran, F. J.; Casado, C.; Mikuszeit, N.; Salas, G.; Bollero, A.; Morales, M. P.; Camarero, J.; Miranda, R.

Preparation of glycopolymer-coated magnetite nanoparticles for hyperthermia treatment

Muñoz-Bonilla, A.; Marcelo, G.; Casado, C.; Teran, F. J.; Fernández-García, M.

Controlled synthesis of uniform magnetite nanocrystals with high-quality properties for biomedical applications

Salas, G.; Casado, C.; Teran, F. J.; Miranda, R.; Serna, C.J.; Morales, M. P.