Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Ruud Timmers studied Environmental Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch (The Netherlands). During this period, he developed a research project regarding immobilization of heavy metals in polluted soils. After obtaining his bachelor degree, he continued his studies at Wageningen University with a Master degree in Environmental Sciences with a specialization in environmental technology. The topic of the master thesis involved selective precipitation of heavy metals with sulfide. This thesis resulted in two peer reviewed articles of which Ruud was the co-author. After a short career in consultancy (MW-Sander), Ruud decided to pursue a scientific career and started his PhD in 2007 at Wageningen University. The topic of his PhD was electricity generation by living plants in a microbial fuel cell. During this period, he attended several international conferences, published articles, supervised master thesis students and assisted practicals.

Comprehensive multiphysics modeling of photocatalytic processes by computational fluid dynamics based on intrinsic kinetic parameters determined in a differential photoreactor

Casado, C.; Marugán, J.; Timmers, R.; Muñoz, M.; van Grieken, R.

Photocatalytic disinfection and removal of emeging pollutants from effluents of biological wastewater treatments using a newly developed large-scale solar simulator

Philippe, K.; Timmers, R.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.

Determination of photochemical, electrochemical and photoelectrochemical efficiencies in a photoelectrocatalytic reactor

Marugán, J.; van Grieken, R.; Pablos, C.; Adán, C.; Timmers, R.

Microbial community structure elucidates performance of Glyceria maxima plant microbial fuel cell

Timmers, R. A.; Rothballer, M.; Strik, D. P. B. T. B.; Engel, M.; Schulz, S.; Schloter, M.; Hartmann, A.; Hamelers, B.; Buisman, C.

  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 94(2), 537-548 (2012)

Rhizosphere anode model explains high oxygen levels during operation of a Glyceria maxima PMFC

Timmers, R. A.; Strik, D. P. B. T. B.; Arampatzoglou, C.; Buisman, C. J. N.; Hamelers, H. V. M.

Microbial solar cells: applying photosynthetic and electrochemically active organism

Strik D. P.; Timmers, R. A.; Helder, M.; Steinbusch, K. J.; Hamelers, H. V.; Buisman, C. J.

Zn-Ni sulfide selective precipitation: The role of supersaturation

Sampaio, R. M. M.; Timmers, R. A.; Kocks, N.; Andre, V.; Duarte, M. T.; Van Hullebusch, E. D.; Farges, F.; Lens, P. N. L.

Long term electricity generation of Spartina anglica in a plant microbial fuel cell

Timmers, R. A.; Strik, D. P. B. T. B.; Hamelers, H. V. M.; Buisman, C. J. N.

Selective precipitation of Cu from Zn in a pS controlled continuously stirred tank reactor

Sampaio, R. M.; Timmers, R. A.; Xu, Y.; Keesman, K. J.; Lens, P. N.