Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Eloy S. Sanz obtained his M.S. degree in Chemical Engineering (2001-2006) and his Ph.D. degree (2013) from the University Rey Juan Carlos while studying under Profs. Raúl Sanz and Guillermo Calleja. In 2010 he was a visiting researcher at the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) and at the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Nottingham with Prof. Mercedes Maroto-Valer. He also held a postdoc position at Georgia Tech under Prof. Christopher W. Jones in 2016.
His research interests include solar energy storage and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, namely the adsorption of CO2 by mesostructured siliceous materials functionalized with amino groups, having participated in Research Projects with a total budget over 1M €. He has published 16 publications in indexed journals and 28 contributions to conference proceedings. He is also a reviewer for 15 international journals.
Eloy S. Sanz is a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Chemistry (impact factor of 1.30) and Adsorption Science & Technology (impact factor: 0.75). Besides, he has been awarded with the EFCE Excellence Award in Fluid Separations 2014 by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), the PTECO2 prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis on Capture and Carbon Storage Technologies (CAC) of the Spanish Technological Platform CO2 (PTECO2) and the Extraordinary Prize of Doctorate of the University Rey Juan Carlos.
His teaching has been distributed in several subjects of the degrees of Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering in Industrial Technologies, Industrial Technical Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Science and Food Technology, having taught 1,500 hours in total since 2007. Besides, he has participated in more than 12 programs regarding Pre-university Orientation and Public Understanding of Science (Science Week, Researchers Night, etc).
He is a member of Academic Associations, such as the Sociedad Española de Catálisis (Spanish Catalysis Society) since 2007, Real Sociedad Española de Química (Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry) since 2013 and the Asociación Madrileña de Ingenieros Químicos (Madrilian Association of Chemical Engineers) since 2013, of which he is Vice-President since 2015.

  • Proyectos de I+D para jóvenes investigadores de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos: Desarrollo de materiales adsorbentes selectivos para captura de CO2

    Funding : Comunidad de Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (DESMAT CO2)
    Start / End Years : 2020 - 2021
    Principal Investigator : Sanz Pérez, Eloy S.
    Research Team : - Sanz Pérez, Eloy S. 

Dendritic nanoarchitecture imparts ZSM-5 zeolite with enhanced adsorption and catalytic performance in energy applications

Alonso-Doncel, M.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Gómez-Pozuelo, G.; Oliveira, A.; González-Aguilar, J.; Peral, A.; R. Sanz, Serrano, D. P.

Preparation of a new chromatographic media and assessment of some kinetic and interaction parameters for lysozyme

Acet, Ö.; Önal, B.; Sanz, R.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Erdönmez, D.; Odabasi, M.

CO2 adsorption on amine-functionalized clays

Gómez-Pozuelo, G.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Pizarro, P.; Sanz, R.; Serrano, D. P.

The importance of measuring student´s opinions and attitudes

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Student´s performace and perceptions on continuous assessment. Redefining a chemical engineering subject in the European higher education area

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Bromine pre-functionalized porous polyphenylenes: New platforms for one-step grafting and applications in reversible CO2 capture

Sanz-Pérez, E. S. ; Rodríguez-Jardón, L.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Iglesias, M.; Maya, E. M.

Amine grafting of acid-activated bentonite for carbon dioxide capture

Horri, N.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Frini-Srasra, N.; Ezzeddine Srasra, E.

Co-evaluation of interaction parameters of genomic and plasmid DNA for a new chromatographic medium

Önal, B.; Acet, Ö.; Sanz, R.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Erdönmez, D.; Odabasi, M.

Hybrid amine-silica materials: Determination of N content by 29Si NMR and application to direct CO2 capture from air

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Fernández, A.; Arencibia, A.; Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.

Tuning the textural properties of HMS mesoporous silica. Functionalization towards CO2 adsorption

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.

Effect of Hg on CO2 capture by solid sorbents in the presence of acid gases

Fernández-Miranda, N.; García, S.; Lopez-Anton, M. A.; Martínez-Tarazona, M. R.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Maroto-Valer, M. M.

Reuse and recycling of amine-functionalized silica materials for CO2 adsorption

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Dantas, T. C. M.; Arencibia, A.; Calleja, G.; Guedes, A. P. M. A.; Araujo, A. S.; Sanz, R.

New developments on carbon dioxide capture using amine-impregnated silicas

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

Direct capture of CO2 from ambient air

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Murdock, C. R.; Didas, S. A.; Jones, C. W.

An investigation of the textural properties of mesostructured silica-based adsorbents for predicting CO2 adsorption capacity

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

CO2 capture with pore-expanded MCM 41 silica modified with amino groups by double functionalization

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Development of high efficiency adsorbents for CO2 capture based on a double-functionalization method of grafting and impregnation

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Amino-functionalized pore-expanded SBA-15 for CO2 adsorption

Olea, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

CO2 adsorption performance of amino-functionalized SBA-15 under post-combustion conditions

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Olivares-Marín, M.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Maroto-Valer, M. M.

CO2 uptake and adsorption kinetics of pore-expanded SBA-15 double-functionalized with amino groups

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Adsorción de CO2 sobre materiales mesoestructurados funcionalizados con grupos amino

Sanz-Pérez, E.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

  • Materiales Porosos en Adsorcin y Catlisis, 3, 5-16 (2012)

Amino functionalized mesostructured SBA-15 silica for CO2 capture: Exploring the relation between the adsorption capacity and the distribution of amino groups by TEM

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A., Sanz-Pérez E.S.

Development of regenerable sorbents from abundant wastes for capture of CO2

Olivares-Marín, M.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Wong, M. S.; Maroto-Valer, M. M.

Influence of drying conditions on amine-functionalized SBA-15 as adsorbent of CO2

Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E.

CO2 adsorption on branched polyethyleneimine-impregnated mesoporous silica SBA-15

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.