Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Poly(vinyl chloride)-hyperbranched polyamidoamine ultrafiltration membranes with antifouling and antibiofouling properties

Díez, B.; Sotto, A.; Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J.; Rosal, R.

Influence of amine functionalization of silica particles fillers on the morphology and water permeation of polyethersulfone nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes

Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Roldán, N.; Martínez, A.; Sotto, A.

Separation of divalent ions from seawater concentrate to enhance the purity of coarse salt by electrodialysis with monovalent-selective membranes

Zhang, W.; Miao, M.; Pan, J.; Sotto, A.; Shen, J.; Gao, C.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Fouling and biofouling resistance of metal-doped mesostructured silica/polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes

Díez, B.; Roldán, N.; Martín, A.; Sotto, A.; Perdigón-Melón, J. A.; Arsuaga, J.; Rosal, R.

Preparation and characterization of polyethersulfone mixed matrix membranes embedded with Ti- or Zr-incorporated SBA-15 materials

Guo, J.; Sotto, A.; Martín, A.; Kim, J.

Recovery of chemically degraded polyethyleneimine by a re-modification method: prolonging the lifetime of cation exchange membranes

Zhao, Y.; Tang, K.; Liu, Q.; Van der Bruggen, B.; Sotto, A.; Pan, J.; Gao, C.; Shen, J.

Preparation of loose polypiperazine amide membranes. Effect of the nanocomposite sublayer on the NF process performance

Landaburu-Aguirre, J.; Sotto, A.; Molina, S.; Arsuaga, J. M.; García-Calvo, E.; Keiski, R. L.

Novel composite anion exchange membranes based on quaternized Polyepichlorohydrin for electromembrane application

Han, B.; Pan, J.; Yang, Sh.; Zhou, M.; Li, J.; Sotto, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.; Gao, C.; Shen, J.

Effect of amine functionalization of SBA-15 used as filler on the morphology and permeation properties of polyethersulfone-doped ultrafiltration membranes

Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Roldán, N.; Martínez, A.; Sotto, A.

Enhancement of polyethersulfone (PES) membrane doped by monodisperse Stöber silica for water treatment

Lin, J. Ye, W.; Zhong, K.; Shen, J.; Jullok, N.; Sotto, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Fabrication of a MIL-53(Al) nanocomposite membrane and potential application in desalination of dye solutions

Ruan, H.; Guo, Ch.; Yu, H.; Shen, J.; Gao. C.;Sotto, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Enhanced ultrafiltration PES membranes doped with mesostructured functionalized silica particles

Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Roldán, N.; de Abajo, J.; Martínez, A.; Sotto, A.

Preparation and characterization of MOF-PES ultrafiltration membranes

Sotto, A.; Orcajo, G.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Calleja, G.; Landaburu-Aguirre, J.

Humic acid fouling in a submerged photocatalytic membrane reactor with binary TiO2-ZrO2 particles

Khan, S.; Kim, J.; Sotto, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Fractionation of direct dyes and salts in aqueous solution using loose nanofiltration membranes

Lin, J.; Ye, W.; Zeng, H.; Yang, H.; Shen, J.; Darvishmanesh, S.; Luis, P.; Sotto, A. Van der Bruggen, B.

Unraveling flux behavior of superhydrophilic loose nanofiltration membranes during textile wastewater treatment

Lin, J.; Tang, C. Y.; Ye, W.; Sun, S.-P.; Hamdan, S. H.; Volodin, A.; Van Haesendonck, C.; Sotto, A.; Luis, P.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Binary metal oxides for composite ultrafiltration membranes

Sotto, A.; Kim, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.; del Rosario, G.; Martínez, A.; Nam, D.; Luis, P.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Coupling membrane separation and photocatalytic oxidation processes for the degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants

Martínez, F.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Aguado, J.; Melero, J. A.; Arsuaga, J.; Sotto, A.; Molina, R.; Segura, Y.; Pariente, M. I.; Revilla, A.; Cerro, L.; Carenas, G.

Fouling Resistant Polysulfone-PANI/TiO2 Ultrafiltration Nanocomposite Membranes

Teli, S. B.; Molina, S.; Sotto, A.; García-Calvo, E.; Abajo, J.

Embedding TiO2 nanoparticles versus surface coating by layer-by-layer deposition on nanoporous polymeric films

Kim, J.; Sotto, A.; Chang, J.; Nam, D.; Boromand, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Nano-WS2 embedded PES membrane with improved fouling and permselectivity

Lin, J.; Zhang, R.; Ye, W.; Jullok, N.; Sotto, A.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Influence of the type, size, and distribution of metal oxide particles on the properties of nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes

Arsuaga, J. M.; Sotto, A.; del Rosario, G.; Martínez, A.; Molina, S.; Teli, S. B.; de Abajo, J.

Sorption of phenolic compounds on NF/RO membrane surfaces: Influence on membrane performance

Sotto, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Effect of the manufacturing conditions on the structure and performance of thin-film composite membranes

Zhang R-X.; Vanneste J.; Poelmans L.; Sotto A.; Wang X-L.; Van der Bruggen B.

Nanofiltration removal of pharmaceutically active compounds

López-Muñoz, M. J.; Sotto, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.

Improved membrane structures for seawater desalination by studying the influence of sublayers

Sotto, A.; Rashed, A.; Zhang, R.-X.; Martínez, A.; Braken, L.; Luis, P.; Van der Bruggen, B.

A new outlook on membrane enhancement with nanoparticles: the alternative of ZnO

Balta, S.; Sotto, A.; Luis, P.; Benea, L.; Van der Bruggen, B.; Kim, J.

Application of tailor-made membranes in a multi-stage process for the purification of sweeteners from Stevia rebaudiana

Vanneste, J.; Sotto, A.; Courtin C. M.; Van Craeyveld, V.; Bernaerts, K.; Van Impe, J.; Vandeur, J.; Taes, S.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Influence of type and position of functional groups of phenolic compounds on NF/RO performance

Arsuaga, J. M.; Sotto, A.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Braeken, L.

Effect of nanoparticle aggregation at low concentrations of TiO2 on the hydrophilicity, morphology, and fouling resistance of PES-TiO2 membranes

Sotto, A.; Boromand, A.; Zhang, R.; Luis, P.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Kim, J.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Doping of polyethersulfone nanofiltration membranes: antifouling effect observed at ultralow concentrations of TiO2

Sotto, A.; Boromand, A.; Zhang, R.; Luis, P.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Kim, J.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Nanofiltration membranes enhanced with TiO2 nanoparticles: a comprehensive study

Sotto, A.; Boromand, A.; Balta, S.; Kim, J.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Application of Neural Networks for predictive variables in engineering

Martinez, A.; Sotto, A.; Castellanos, A.

  • Journal of Mathematical and System Science, 1, 12-22 (2011)

Correlation between retention and adsorption of phenolic compounds in nanofiltration membranes

Arsuaga, J. M.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Sotto, A.

Separation of phenols and their advanced oxidation intermediate products in aqueous solution by NF/RO membranes

López-Muñoz, M.J.; Arsuaga, J.M.; Sotto, A.

Membrane treatment applied to aqueous solutions containing atrazine photocatalytic oxidation products

Sotto, A.; López-Muñoz, J.M.; Arsuaga, J.M.; Aguado, J.; Revilla, A.

Influence of membrane, solute and solution properties on the retention of phenolic compounds in aqueous solution by nanofiltration membranes

López-Muñoz, M. J.; Sotto, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Temperature, pH and concentration effects on retention and transport of organic pollutants across thin-film composite nanofiltration membranes

Arsuaga, J.M.; López-Muñoz, M.J.; Aguado, J.; Sotto, A.

  • Desalination, 221, 253-258 (2008)

Retention of phenols and carboxylic acids by nanofiltration/reverse osmosis membranes: sieving and membrane-solute interaction effects

Arsuaga, J.M.; López-Muñoz, M.J.; Sotto, A.; Rosario, G.

  • Desalination, 200, 731-733 (2006)

Pressure dependence of the bandgap bowing in zinc-blende ZnTe(1- x) Se(x)

Sotto, A.; Güder, H. S.; Pérez-Pastor, A.; Segura, A.; Zúñiga, J.; Muñoz, V.

Optical properties of high pressure phases in ZnTe(1-x)Se(x)

Sotto, A.; Guder, H. S.; Perez-Pastor, A.; Segura, A.; Muñoz, V.; Muñoz, A.; Qteish, A.