Grupo de Ingeniería Química y Ambiental

Influence on properties and phase structure of single gas-phase reactor made impact polypropylene copolymers

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Molecular structure and local dynamic in impact polypropylene copolymers studied by preparative TREF, solid state NMR spectroscopy, and SFM microscopy

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Microstructure and properties of branched polyethylene: Application of a three-phase structural model

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Molecular characterization of polypropylene heterophasic copolymers by fractionation techniques

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Eliminating sharkskin distortion in polyethylene extrusion via a molecular route

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Molecular structure and rheology of homogeneous ethylene-co-styrene polymers

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A three-phase microstructural model to explain the mechanical relaxations of branched polyethylene: a DSC, WAXD and DMTA combined study

Martín, S. ; Vega, J.F., Expósito, M.T.; Flores, A.; Martínez-Salazar, J.

Structure and physical properties of polyethylenes obtained from dual catalysis process

Vega, J. F.; Otegui, J.; Expósito, M. T.; Martín, C.; Prieto, O.; Martínez-Salazar, J.

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Highly active ethylene/hydroxyl comonomers copolymerization using metallocene catalyst

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Entanglement network and relaxation temperature dependence of single-site catalyzed ethylene/1-hexene copolymers

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Molecular structure and properties of ethylene-co-styrene polymers obtained from [norbornane-7,7-bis(indenil)]titanium dichloride catalyst system

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Meso-[norbornane-7,7-bis(indenyl)]titanium dichloride: a highly active catalyst for ethylene-styrene copolymerization

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Synthesis and properties of ethylene/styrene copolymers produced by metallocene catalysts

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An experimental and computational evaluation of ethylene/styrene copolymerisation using a homogeneous single-site titanium (IV)-constrained geometry catalyst

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The elimination of extrudate distorsions in metallocene-catalyzed polyethylene

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Synthesis, structure and reactivity of new late transition metal complexes bearing diphosphane ligands derived from bis(pyrazol-1-yl)methane

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Niobium complexes containing a new chiral heteroescorpionate ligand and its reactivity with O2 to give the first gem-diolate niobium complexes

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