Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Javier Marugán studied Chemical Engineering in Complutense University of Madrid (1993-1998) and received his Ph.D. in 2003 (Rey Juan Carlos University) working on the development of supported photocatalysts for the treatment of cyanide wastewaters. He has occupied several teaching positions in the Department of Chemical and Environmental Technologies, becoming associate professor in 2009 and full professor since 2017.
He has been visiting researcher at the Institut für Technische Chemie (ITC) of Hanover University (Germany) in 2002 (group of Prof. Detlef Bahnemann); at the Instituto de Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Industria Química (INTEC) in Santa Fe (Argentina) in 2004 (group of Prof. Alberto Cassano and Prof. Orlando Alfano; at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in 2005 (group of Dr. Sixto Malato); at the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials of Newcastle University (United Kingdom) in 2006 (group of Prof. Terry Egerton and Prof. Paul Christensen); at the Department of Environmental Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in 2014 and 2015 (grupo of Dr. Eric Adams), and at the Environmental Science and Technology Department of Harvard University (USA) in 2015 (grupo of Prof. Chad Vecitis).
His main research interests are focused on the synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic application of titanium dioxide based materials, the development of photocatalytic disinfection processes, the modeling and scaling-up of photocatalytic reactors, flow assurance of crude oil, the production of hydrogen through thermochemical cycles based on the use of solar energy.
He has been working in photocatalytic processes for more than 18 years, especially in the synthesis of catalytic materials, their application to the photocatalytic oxidation of pollutants and the inactivation of microorganisms and the modelling and scaling-up of photocatalytic processes. His significant experience on the mechanistic modelling of disinfection processes and the opto-mechanical modelling of the radiation transport inside photoactive systems is the focus of his current participation as leader investigator of URJC in the European Project “Photocatalytic materials for the destruction of recalcitrant organic industrial waste” (PCATDES, FP7 project 309846) and “Water - Sustainable Point-Of-Use Treatment Technologies“ (WATERSPOUTT, EU Contract H2020-2016-RIA-688928-2) and as coordinator of the Water JPI European Project “Integrated Processes for Monitoring and Treatment of Emerging Contaminants for Water Reuse” (MOTREM). Dr. Marugán is also the Director of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and the Water Analysis Laboratory (LAGUA) of URJC. The WWTP is located in the Technological Support Center at Móstoles Campus, providing an outstanding platform for the evaluation of new equipment and processes for water treatment. These facilities also include a large-scale solar simulator for the study of solar processes under controlled conditions. Likewise, the LAGUA laboratory provides complete analytical support for the physicochemical and microbiological characterization of water samples from the WWTP and the research pilot plants located in the facilities, including state of the art analytical equipment for the determination of contaminants of emerging concern.
Validation of a solar-thermal water disinfection model for Escherichia coli inactivation in pilot scale solar reactors and real conditions

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Wavelength dependence of the efficiency of photocatalytic processes for water treatment

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Implications of Electrical Impedance-Based Microbiological Technology in Pork Meat Processing Industry for the Rapid Detection and Quantification of Salmonella Spp.

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Performance of TiO2 photoanodes toward oxidation of methanol and E. coli inactivation in water in a scaled-up photoelectrocatalytic reactor

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Comprehensive multiphysics modeling of photocatalytic processes by computational fluid dynamics based on intrinsic kinetic parameters determined in a differential photoreactor

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Bacterial inactivation and degradation of organic molecules by titanium dioxide supported on porous stainless steel photocatalytic membranes

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Mechanistic model of the Escherichia coli inactivation by solar disinfection based on the photo-generation of internal ROS and the photo-inactivation of enzymes: CAT and SOD

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Mechanistic modeling of UV and mild-heat synergistic effect on solar water disinfection

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Electrochemical enhancement of photocatalytic disinfection on aligned TiO2 and nitrogen doped TiO2 nanotubes

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Thermochemical hydrogen production using manganese cobalt spinels as redox materials

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Influence of light distribution on the performance of photocatalytic reactors: LED vs mercury lamps

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Design and validation of a LED-based high intensity photocatalytic reactor for quantifying activity measurements

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A calibrated UV-LED based light source for water purification and characterisation of photocatalysis

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Understanding the effect of morphology on the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanotube array electrodes

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Novel simple method for preparing tailored polymer-titania nanotubes hybrid materials

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Perovskite materials for hydrogen production by thermochemical water splitting

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Photocatalytic Escherichia coli inactivation by means of trivalent Er3+, Y3+ doping of BiVO4 system

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Photocatalytic Activity of Suspended and Immobilized Niobium Oxide for Methanol Oxidation and Escherichia coli Inactivation

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Photocatalytic disinfection and removal of emeging pollutants from effluents of biological wastewater treatments using a newly developed large-scale solar simulator

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Photocatalytic activity of bismuth vanadates under UV-A and visible light irradiation: Inactivation of Escherichia coli vs oxidationof methanol

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