Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Jose Luis Díaz de Tuesta graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in 2009. Afterwards, he got an individual national competitive PhD grant (FPU) to develop his PhD on doped carbon-based catalysts for wastewater treatment by catalytic wet peroxide oxidation, concluded with cum laude in 2016. Later, he joined the Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM and CIMO, at the pole established in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), in Portugal, through a post-doctoral fellowship associated to the project AIProcMat@N2020. Under this project, he was focused on the treatment of oily wastewater, using carbon-based materials as adsorbents and nanocatalysts. In 2018, Jose Luis started working on the project PLASTIC_TO_FUEL&MAT as co-Principal Investigator. The project PLASTIC_TO_FUEL&MAT consists in the valorisation of plastic solid wastes to produce nanostructured carbon materials, mainly carbon nanotubes. Between 2018 and 2022, the researcher worked in IPB in more projects, such as VALORCOMP, BaccusTech, Bagaço+Valor and RTChips. All of them related to valorization of solid wastes, preparation of carbon-based materials and nanomaterials, and the application on adsorption and catalysis, mainly for the treatment of wastewater. In 2022, Jose Luis joined to GIQA through Atracción al Talento grant to continue working in the development of techniques for the valorization of carbon-rich wastes and preparation of carbon-inorganic hybrid materials for environmental applications, mainly wastewater treatment by advances oxidation techniques.

Doxorubicin delivery performance of superparamagnetic carbon multi-core shell nanoparticles: pH dependence, stability and kinetic insight

Santos Silva, A.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Sayuri Berberich, T.; Delezuk Inglez, S.; Bertão, A.R.; Çaha, I.; Leonard Deepak, F.; Bañobre-López, M.; Gomes, H.T.

3D-printed activated carbon for post-combustion CO2 capture

Zafanelli, Lucas F.A.S.; Henrique, A.; Steldinger, H.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gläsel, J.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Gomes, H.T.; Etzold, B.J.M.; Silva, J.A.C.

Assessment of Pretreatments for Highly Concentrated Leachate Waters to Enhance the Performance of Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation with Sustainable Low-Cost Catalysts

de Freitas Batista, G.; Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Vieira Mambrini, R.; Praça, P.; Gomes, H.T.

Synthesis of low-density polyethylene derived carbon nanotubes for activation of persulfate and degradation of water organic micropollutants in continuous mode

Ribeiro, R.S.; Octávia Vieira, R.F.; Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T.; Gomes, H.T.

A systematic literature review on the conversion of plastic wastes into valuable 2D graphene-based materials

Vieira, O.; Ribeiro, R.S.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.; Silva, A.M.T.

Hydrochars from compost derived from municipal solid waste: Production process optimization and catalytic applications

Roman, F.F.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Praça, P.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Degradation of emerging contaminants: Effect of thermal treatment on Nb2O5 as photocatalyst

Abreu, E.; Fidelis, M.Z.; Fuziki, M.E.; Malikoski, R.M.; Mastsubara, M.C.; Imada, R.E.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.; Anziliero, M.D.; Baldykowski, B.; Dias, D.T.; Lenzi, G.G.

Kinetic insights on wet peroxide oxidation of caffeine using EDTA-functionalized low-cost catalysts prepared from compost generated in municipal solid waste treatment facilities

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; de Almeida, F.V.M. ; Oliveira, J.R.P. ; Praça, P.; Guerreiro, M.C.; Gomes, H.T.

Assisted hydrothermal carbonization of agroindustrial byproducts as effective step in the production of activated carbon catalysts for wet peroxide oxidation of micro-pollutants

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Saviotti, M.C.; Roman, F.F.; Pantuzza, G.F.; Sartori, H.J.F.; Shinibekova, A.; Kalmakhanova, M.S.; Massalimova, B.K.; Pietrobelli, J.M.T.A.; Lenzi, G.G.; Arrobas, M.; Gomes, H.T.

New insights on the removal of diclofenac and ibuprofen by CWPO using a magnetite-based catalyst in an up-flow fixed-bed reactor

Huacallo-Aguilar, Y.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Álvarez-Torrellas, S.; Gomes, H.T.; Larriba, M.; Ovejero, G.; García, J.

Carbon-Based Materials for Oxidative Desulfurization and Denitrogenation of Fuels: A Review

Roman, F.F.; Díaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T., Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Pillared clays from natural resources as catalysts for catalytic wet peroxide oxidation: Characterization and kinetic insights

Seitovna Kalmakhanova, M.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Kabykenovna Massalimova, B.; Gomes, H.T.

The pH effect on the kinetics of 4-nitrophenol removal by CWPO with doped carbon black catalysts

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Quintanilla, A.; Casas, J.A.; Morales-Torres, S.; Faria, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T.; Gomes, H.T.

Compost from Municipal Solid Wastes as a Source of Biochar for CO2 Capture

Karimi, M.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gonçalves, C.N.d.P.; Gomes, H.T.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Silva, J.A.C.

Adsorption of Sudan-IV contained in oily wastewater on lipophilic activated carbons: kinetic and isotherm modelling

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Simulation and Optimization of the CWPO Process by Combination of Aspen Plus and 6-Factor Doehlert Matrix: Towards Autothermal Operation

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Quintanilla, A.; Moreno, D.; Ferro, V.R.; Casas, J.A.

Janus amphiphilic carbon nanotubes as Pickering interfacial catalysts for the treatment of oily wastewater by selective oxidation with hydrogen peroxide

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Machado, B.F.; Serp, P.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Catalysts Prepared with Matured Compost Derived from Mechanical-Biological Treatment Plants for the Wet Peroxide Oxidation of Pollutants with Different Lipophilicity

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Pantuzza, G.F.; Silva, A.M.T.; Praça, P.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Wet Peroxide Oxidation of Paracetamol Using Acid Activated and Fe/Co-Pillared Clay Catalysts Prepared from Natural Clays

Santos Silva, A.; Seitovna Kalmakhanova, M.; Kabykenovna Massalimova, B.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

Condensation By-Products in Wet Peroxide Oxidation: Fouling or Catalytic Promotion? Part II: Activity, Nature and Stability

Quintanilla, A.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Figueruelo, C.; Munoz, M.; Casas J.A.

Condensation By-Products in Wet Peroxide Oxidation: Fouling or Catalytic Promotion? Part I. Evidences of an Autocatalytic Process

Quintanilla, A.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Figueruelo, C.; Munoz, M.; Casas J.A.

CO2 Capture in Chemically and Thermally Modified Activated Carbons Using Breakthrough Measurements: Experimental and Modeling Study

Karimi, M.; Silva, J.A.C.; Gonc¸alves, C.N.d.P.; Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Rodrigues, A.E.; Gomes, H.T.

Removal of Sudan IV from a simulated biphasic oily wastewater by using lipophilic carbon adsorbents

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Silva, A.M.T.; Faria, J.L.; Gomes, H.T.

P-, B- and N-doped carbon black for the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of phenol: Activity, stability and kinetic studies

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Quintanilla, A.; Casas, J.A.; Rodriguez, J.J.

Kinetic modeling of wet peroxide oxidation with a carbon black catalyst

Diaz de Tuesta, J.L.; Quintanilla, A.; Casas, J.A.; Rodriguez, J.J.

Application of high-temperature Fenton oxidation for the treatment of sulfonation plant wastewater

Díaz de Tuesta, J.L.; García-Figueruelo, C.; Quintanilla, A.; Casas, J.A.; Rodriguez, J.J.

Synthesis and characterization of low molecular weight poly(1-butene) macromolecules prepared using metallocene catalysts

Diez de Tuesta, J. L.; Casas, E.; Moreno, J.; Perez Nebreda, P.; Escola, J. M.; Van Grieken, R.

Conversion of polyethylene into transportation fuels by the combination of thermal cracking and catalytic hydroreforming over Ni-Supported hierarchical Beta zeolite

Escola, J. M.; Aguado, J.; Serrano, D. P.; Briones, L.; Díaz de Tuesta, J. L.; Calvo, R.; Fernandez, E.