Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Carmen Álvarez Fernández received their Bachelor Degrees in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in 2019 and 2020 respectively. On their final degree projects, she focused on development of low-cost reactors for solar water disinfection.
She carried out academic practices in the public research body CIEMAT, in which she evaluated the photoactivity of photocatalysts and their efficiency in the degradation of the pollutant TCE. She has also participated in research of adsorption of CO2 by mesostructured siliceous materials functionalized with amino groups in the Department of Chemical, Energy and Mechanical Technology at the URJC thanks to a grant-in-aid awarded by the Ministry of Education of Spain.
Nowadays, she is doing master's studies in Applied Chemistry at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and research labours in the removal of microplastics from wastewater effluent at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.
  • A hybrid reactor for solar CO2 and N2 conversion coupled to wastewater treatment (HYSOLCHEM)

    Funding : European Commission, H2020 FET Proactive (GA 101017928)
    Start / End Years : 2021 - 2023
    URL :
    Principal Investigator : Marugán Aguado, Javier
    Research Team : - Alvarez Fernández, Carmen - Casado Merino, Cintia - Collado Brunete, Laura - Dufour Andía, Javier - Martín Gamboa, Mario - Martínez del Monte, Daniel - Marugán Aguado, Javier - Sotelo Vázquez, Carlos 
    Summary : The development of light-driven technologies represents a RADICAL NEW WAY for the conversion and storage of renewable energy. The Project focuses on the successful development of a new concept of low-cost flow photo-reactor prototype for the reduction of CO2 and N2 to produce fuels and chemicals (CH4, C2H4, C3H6 and NH3) coupled to the oxidation of microplastics and organic pollutants from wastewater treatment plants. In order to reach these ambitious objectives, HySolChem investigates CO2 valorisation strategies, artificial photosynthesis, N2 fixation and degradation of water pollutants. The validation of the prototype is in a wastewater treatment plant and a study of the developed materials and devices from a life-cycle environmental, economic and social point of view is also carried out.

Evaluation of membranes performance for microplastic removal in a simple and low-cost filtration system

Pizzichetti, A. R. P.; Pablos, C.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; Reynolds, K.; Stanley, S.; Marugán, J.

High-performance low-cost solar collectors for water treatment fabricated with recycled materials, open-source hardware and 3d-printing technologies

Martín-Sómer, M.; Moreno-SanSegundo, J.; Álvarez-Fernández, C.; van Grieken, R.; Marugán, J.