Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Raffaella received in 2016 her Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. In 2019, she graduated from both Politecnico di Torino and KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, as part of the Double Degree Master Programme in Chemical Engineering. During her studies, she focused on different aspects of existing technologies and investigated new methods for their implementation. On her thesis, she worked on renewable energy, in particular on photovoltaics and what concerns the Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells technology. In 2017, she had a leadership role as “building engineer” in Engineers Without Border for developing a new sustainable method for plastic recycling using solar thermal power. For her PhD studies, she is working on drinking water treatment as part of the European Project REWATERGY: sustainable reactor engineering for applications on the Water-Energy Nexus. In particular she is working on the design and the construction of a prototype system which incorporates a membrane filtration system with a UV-C LED emitter in a household device to remove microplastics and for microbial inactivation.
  • Sustainable Reactor Engineering for Applications on the Water-Energy Nexus (REWATERGY) Photo-irradiation and Adsorption based Novel Innovations for Water-treatment

    Funding : European Commission, Horizon 2020 (GA 812574)
    Start / End Years : 2019 - 2023
    URL :
    Principal Investigator : Marugán Aguado, Javier
    Research Team : - Adán Delgado, Cristina - Marugán Aguado, Javier - Pablos Carro, Cristina - Perveen , Shabila - Pizzichetti , Angela Raffaella Pia 
    Summary : REWATERGY is a consortium of six partners composed by 3 universities and 3 companies with a balanced participation of beneficiaries and partner organizations, academic and non-academic. All the participants are mutually involved in scientific and educational tasks, formed in several fields (chemical analysis, environmental fate, photocatalysis, material science, membrane technology and water management), sharing the interest towards environmental studies and determined to achieve the primary objective of guaranteeing access to safe water to the entire society through the formation of young scientists specialist in water treatment.

Exploring the Optical and Electrochemical Properties of Homoleptic versus Heteroleptic Diimine Copper(I) Complexes

Valentina Leandri, Angela Raffaella Pia Pizzichetti, Bo Xu, Daniele Franchi, Wei Zhang, Iacopo Benesperi, Marina Freitag, Licheng Sun, Lars Kloo, and James M. Gardner