Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Granada (UGR) in 2018, where she developed a Final Degree Project based on the production of second generation biodiesel through enzymatic methods.
Later on, she completed a master's degree in Water Quality Techniques and Sciences at the UGR that ended in September 2019. During the development of the Master's degree she had the opportunity to carry out internships at Construcciones Otero (Granada) within the R&D department and as a collaborator of the LIFE ECOGRANULARWATER project of the European LIFE Program which consists in the design of an innovative technology based on biological methods for the elimination of nitrates, pesticides and other compounds present in groundwater intended to human consumption.
Currently, she is enrolled in the International Doctoral School and combines the development of her thesis focused on the production of hydrogen through catalytic reforming with teaching laboratories as a visiting professor in the area of Physical Chemistry at the Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC).