Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

テ]gela finished the bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University and the bachelor degree in Energy Engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University in 2016. She got the title of Master Degree in Chemical Engineering by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Autテウnoma de Madrid in 2018.
テ]gela has worked as researcher since 2016 in the European Project H2020 WATERSPOUTT in Rey Juan Carlos University simulating solar water disinfection. In this frame, she developed her Master thesis.
Nowadays Angela is still working in URJC doing a PhD with a FPU contract, in the WATERSPOUTT project, developing a predictive kinetic model of the solar water disinfection (SODIS) process for African remote regions.

  • Water Sustainable Point of Use Treatment Technologies (WATERSPOUTT)

    Funding : European Commission, Horizon 2020 (GA 688928)
    Start / End Years : 2016 - 2020
    URL :
    Principal Investigator : Marugテ。n Aguado, Javier
    Research Team : - Garcテュa Muテアoz, Rafael A. - Garcテュa Gil, テ]gela - Marugテ。n Aguado, Javier - Pablos Carro, Cristina 
    Summary : WATERSPOUTT aims at providing safe drinking water to communities who rely on unsafe sources. The consortium is carrying out a technological development programme to advance three applications based on Solar Disinfection (SODIS), which can make water safe to drink after it has been collected. In parallel, a social science programme has been structured to make sure that the technologies are adopted by the target communities in rural Africa, with the support of the local authorities and in an economically sustainable way.

A model to predict the kinetics of direct (endogenous) virus inactivation by sunlight at different latitudes and seasons, based on the equivalent monochromatic wavelength approach

Garcテュa-Gil, A.; Marugテ。n, J.; Vione, D.

Solar water disinfection to produce safe drinking water. A review of parameters, enhancements, and modelling approaches to make SODIS faster and safer

Garcテュa-Gil, A.; Garcテュa-Muテアoz, R. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugテ。n, J.

Material selection and prediction of solar irradiance in plastic devices for application of solar water disinfection (SODIS) to inactivate viruses, bacteria and protozoa

Garcテュa-Gil, テ.; Pablos, C.; Garcテュa-Muテアoz, R. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugテ。n, J.

Kinetic modeling of the synergistic thermal and spectral actions on the inactivation of Cryptosporidium parvum in water by sunlight

Garcテュa-Gil, A.; Abeledo-Lameiro, M. J.; Gテウmez-Couso, H.; Marugテ。n, J.

Kinetic modeling of the synergistic thermal and spectral actions on the inactivation of viruses in water by sunlight

Garcテュa-Gi, A.; Martテュnez, A.; Polo-Lテウpez,M. I.; Marugテ。n, J.

Solar water disinfection in high-volume containers: Are naturally occurring substances attenuating factors of radiation?

Garcテュa-Gil, A.; Valverde, R.; Garcテュa-Muテアoz, R. A.; McGuigan; K. G.; Marugテ。n, J.

Novel procedure for the numerical simulation of solar water disinfection processes in flow reactors

Garcテュa-Gil, A.; Casado, C.; Pablos, C.; Marugテ。n, J.

Critical role of the light spectrum on the simulation of solar photocatalytic reactors

Casado, C.; Garcテュa-Gil, A.; van Grieken, R.; Marugテ。n, J.