Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Jesús Tapiador Cebrián studied Chemistry in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where also studied the master Ciencias y Tecnologías Químicas. In the research field, he carried out the final Project of degree “Polinuclear complexes (M and M’: Transition metals) with bicompartmental Schiff Bases ligands, by different synthesis method” in the Nanoparticles from molecular precurses group. In this group also realized the final project of master “incorporation of homo- and heterometallic complexes with Schiff Base ligands as extended network tectons”.
After his graduation, he focused his research in the synthesis and characterization of new polinuclear molecular species with different Schif Bases ligands, studying the magnetic, electronic, catalytic and luminescence properties, as well as the structural determination of these organometallic compounds through the monocristal X ray diffraction technique.
Currently, he is developing his doctoral thesis in the Ingeniería Química y Ambiental group of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, where he carries out the design of MOFs COFs hybrid materials for the CO2 capture and conversion in added value chemical compounds.