Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Rafael Garcia is Full Professor at Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department of Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid since 2017. Author of 68 peer-reviewed scientific publications, 3 book chapters, 2 patents and more than 100 international congress participations. Director of 8 doctoral theses and 3 under development. Researcher in 60 investigation projects, regional, national, European, and in collaboration with industry, being the main researcher in 48. One of his research field of interest is aimed to the synthesis and characterization of polyolefins, mainly polyethylene, polypropylene and their copolymers. Another field of Rafael García research is focused on the nanoscience area, particularly in the preparation of zeolites and mesostructured materials and their application in catalysis and biomedical applications. He is the general manager of the Polymer Technology Laboratory (LATEP), which is a polymer laboratory of reference in the Madrid region, which collaborations with several privates companies like REPSOL, the first Spanish petrochemical company; the US petrochemical Phillips Chevron Company, etc. LATEP is also involved in the conservation of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the National Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute. Generated incomes of more than 6 MM €.
In the university period, from 2002 to 2015, Rafael García was the Deputy Director-General for Research of the Sciences and Technological School, Head of the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Vice-rector for Research of the Rey Juan Carlos University. From 2015-2019 Rafael Garcia was Deputy Director for Research in Madrid Regional Community (Comunidad de Madrid).

  • Water Sustainable Point of Use Treatment Technologies (WATERSPOUTT)

    Funding : European Commission, Horizon 2020 (GA 688928)
    Start / End Years : 2016 - 2020
    URL :
    Principal Investigator : Marugán Aguado, Javier
    Research Team : - García Muñoz, Rafael A. - García Gil, Ángela - Marugán Aguado, Javier - Pablos Carro, Cristina 
    Summary : WATERSPOUTT aims at providing safe drinking water to communities who rely on unsafe sources. The consortium is carrying out a technological development programme to advance three applications based on Solar Disinfection (SODIS), which can make water safe to drink after it has been collected. In parallel, a social science programme has been structured to make sure that the technologies are adopted by the target communities in rural Africa, with the support of the local authorities and in an economically sustainable way.

Solar water disinfection to produce safe drinking water. A review of parameters, enhancements, and modelling approaches to make SODIS faster and safer

García-Gil, A.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.

Environmental life cycle assessment of the incorporation of recycled high-density polyethylene to polyethylene pipe grade resins

Istrate, I.-R.; Juan, R. M.; Martín-Gamboa, M.; Domínguez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Dufour, J.

Strain hardening test on the limits of Slow Crack Growth evaluation in high resistance polyethylene resins: Effect of comonomer type

Domínguez, C.; Robledo, N.; Paredes, B.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Engineering hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles to increase cytotoxicity

Pérez-Garnes, M.; Gutiérrez-Salmerón, M.; Morales, V.; Chocarro-Calvo, A.; Sanz, R.; García-Jiménez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Solar water disinfection in high-volume containers: Are naturally occurring substances attenuating factors of radiation?

García-Gil, A.; Valverde, R.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; McGuigan; K. G.; Marugán, J.

Material selection and prediction of solar irradiance in plastic devices for application of solar water disinfection (SODIS) to inactivate viruses, bacteria and protozoa

García-Gil, Á.; Pablos, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; McGuigan, K. G.; Marugán, J.

Effect of the dual incorporation of fullerene and polyethyleneimine moieties into SBA-15 materials as platforms for drug delivery

Morales, V.; Martín, A.; Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Sanz, R.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Influence on properties and phase structure of single gas-phase reactor made impact polypropylene copolymers

Pastor-García, M. T.; Suárez, I.; Expósito, M. T.; Coto B.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Synthesis of hierarchical Beta zeolite with uniform mesopores: Effect on its catalytic activity for veratrole acylation

Escola, J. M.; Serrano, D. P.; Sanz, R.; García, R. A.; Peral, A.; Moreno, I.; Linares, M.

Modelling the adsorption and controlled release of drugs from the pure and amino surface-functionalized mesoporous silica hosts

Martín, A.; Morales, V.; Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Pérez-Garnes, M.; Bautista, L. F.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Sanz, R.

Surface-functionalization of mesoporous SBA-15 silica materials for controlled release of methylprednisolone sodium hemisuccinate: Influence of functionality type and strategies of incorporation

Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Martín, A.; Morales, V.; Sanz, R.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Properties of hierarchical Beta zeolites prepared from protozeolitic nanounits for the catalytic cracking of high density polyethylene

Caldeira, V. P. S.; Peral, A.; Linares, M.; Araujo, A. S.; Garcia-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.

Effect of hierarchical porosity in Beta zeolites on the Beckmann rearrangement of oximes

Linares, M.; Vargas, C.; García, A.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Cejka, J.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.

Catalytic cracking of LDPE over nanocrystalline HZSM-5 zeolite prepared by seed-assisted synthesis from an organic-template-free system

Figueiredo, A. L.; Araujo, A. S.; Linares, M.; Peral, A.; García, R. A; Serrano, D. P.; Fernandes, V. J.

Hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite with uniform mesopores and improved catalytic properties

Serrano, D. P.; Escola, J. M.; Sanz, R.; García, R. A.; Peral, A.; Moreno, I.; Linares, M.

Chemical adhesion of polyalkenoate-based adhesives to Hydroxyapatite

Sezinando, A.; Linares, M.; Morales, V.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Ceballos, L.; Perdigâo, J.

New Drug-Structure-Directing Agent concept: Inherent pharmacological activity combined with templating solid and hollow-shell mesostructured silica nanoparticles

Morales, V.; Gutiérrez-Salmerón, M.; Balabasquer, M. ; Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Chocarro-Calvo, A.; García-Jiménez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Correlating surface-functionalization of mesoporous silica with adsorption and release of pharmaceutical guest species

Morales, V.; Idso, M. N.; Balabasquer, M.; Chmelka, B.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Molecular structure and local dynamic in impact polypropylene copolymers studied by preparative TREF, solid state NMR spectroscopy, and SFM microscopy

Fernández, A.; Expósito, M. T.; Peña, B.; Berger, R.; Shu, J.; Graf, R.; Spiess, H. W.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Remarkable catalytic properties of hierarchica zeolite-Beta in the epoxide rearrangement reactions

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Vicente, G.; Linares, M.; Vitvorova, D.; Cejka, J.

Synthesis of helical and supplementary chirally doped PMO materials. Suitable catalysts for asymmetric synthesis

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Linares, M.; Rico-Oller, B.

Volatile organic compounds analysis in breath air in healthy volunteers and patients suffering epidermoid laryngeal carcinomas

García, R. A.; Morales, V.; Martín, S.; Vilches, E.; Toledano, A.

Effect of hierarchical porosity and fluorination on the catalytic properties of zeolite beta for glycerol etherification

González, M. D.; Salagre, P.; Linares, M.; García, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Cesteros, Y.

The effect of microstructure on the slow crack growth resistance in polyethylene resins

Adib, A.; Domínguez, C.; Rodríguez, J.; Martín, C.; García, R. A.

Influence of the Structural and Textural Properties of Ordered Mesoporous Materials and Hierarchical Zeolitic Supports on the Controlled Release of Methylprednisolone Hemisuccinate

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Linares, M.; González, P. E.; Sanz, R.; Serrano, D. P.

Cancer diagnosis by breath analysis - what is the future?

García-Mun~oz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Toledano, A.

Polyethyleneimine-functionalized large pore ordered silica materials for poorly water-soluble drug delivery

Martín, A.; García, R. A. ; Sen Karaman, D.; Rosenholm, J. M.

Simultaneous synthesis of modified Binol-periodic mesoporous organosilica SBA-15 type material. Application as catalysts in asymmetric sulfoxidation reactions

Morales, V.; Villajos, J. A.; García, R. A.

One-step synthesis of a thioester chiral PMO and its use as a catalyst in asymmetric oxidation reactions

García, R. A.; Morales, V.; Garcés, T.

Study of the PENT test conditions for reducing failure times in high-resistance polyethylene resins for pipe applications

Dominguez, C.; García, R. A.; Aroca, M.; Carrero, A.

Influence of the calcination treatment on the catalytic properties of hierarchical ZSM-5

Serrano, D. P.; García, R. A.; Linares, M.; Gil, B.

Molecular characterization of polypropylene heterophasic copolymers by fractionation techniques

García, R. A.; Coto, B.; Expósito, M. T.; Suarez, I.; Fernández-Fernández, A.; Caveda, S.

Effects of the structural components on slow crack growth process in polyethylene blends. Composition intervals prediction for pipe applications

García, R. A.; Carrero, A.; Martín, C.; Domínguez, C.

Acidic and catalytic properties of hierarchical zeolites and hybrid ordered mesoporous materials assembled from MFI protozeolitic units

Serrano, D. P.; García, R. A.; Vicente, G.; Linares, M.; Procházková, D.; Cejka, J.

Synthesis and characterization of SBA-15 materials functionalized with olefinic groups and subsequent modification through oxidation procedures

van Grieken, R.; Iglesias, J.; Morales, V.; García, R. A.

Modification of chiral dimethyl tartrate through transesterification: Immobilization on POSS and enantioselectivity reversal in Sharpless asymmetric epoxidation

García, R. A.; van Grieken, R.; Iglesias, J.; Sherrington, D. C.; Gibson, C. L.

Resistencia al proceso de crecimiento lento de grieta en polietilenos bimodales utilizados para su aplicación en tubería

García, R. A.; Carrero, A.; Aroca, M.; Domínguez, C.

  • Revista de Plsticos Modernos, 99(644), 197-202 (2010)

Friedel-Crafts acylation of anisole over hybrid zeolitic-mesostructured materials

Serrano, D. P.; García, R.; Otero, D.

Catalytic activity of the beta zeolite with enhanced textural properties in the Friedel-Crafts acylation of aromatic compounds

García, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Vicente, G.; Otero, D.; Linares, M

Slow Crack Growth resistence in Resin Blends of Chromium and Metallocene Catalyzed Ethylene-Hexene Copolymers for Pipe Applications

García, R. A.; Carrero, A.; Aroca, M.; Prieto, O.; Domíngez, C.

  • Polymer Engineering and Science, 48(5), 925-933 (2008)

Synthesis of chiral periodic mesoporous silicas incorporating tartrate derivatives in the framework and their use in asymmetric sulfoxidation

García, R. A.; van Grieken, R.; Iglesias, J.; Morales, V.; Gordillo, D.

Friedel-Crafts acylation of aromatic compounds over hybrid zeolitic mesoporous materials

Serrano, D.; García, R.; Otero, D.

Novel titanocente-tartrate complexes as catalysts for the asymmetric epoxidation of allylic alcohols

van Grieken, R.; García, R. A.; Calleja, G.; Iglesias, J.

Functionalization of SBA-15 by an Acid-Catalyzed Approach. A Surface Characterization Study

García, N.; Benito, E.; Guzmán, J.; Tiemblo, P.; Morales, V.; García, R. A.

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Enantioselective styrene epoxidation using the Jacobsen catalyst immobilized on funcionalized SBA-15

Serrano, D. P.; Aguado, J.; García, R. A.; Vargas, C.

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Direct Synthesis and post-oxidation of SBA-15 and MCM-41 functionalized with butenyl groups

García, R.A.; van Grieken, R.; Iglesias, J.; Morales, V.; Martín, J.

Catalytic cracking of HDPE over hybrid zeolitic-mesoporous materials

García, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Otero, D.

Synthesis of Ti-MCM-41 from amorphous SiO2-TiO2 xerogel

Serrano, D. P.; García, R. A.; Otero, D. ; Moreno, I.

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Supercritical fluid extraction of a nonionic surfactant template from SBA-15 materials and consequences on the porous structure

van Grieken, R.; Calleja, G.; Stucky, G. D.; Melero, J. A.; García, R. A.; Iglesias, J.

Enzymatic esterification of an acid with an epoxide using an immobilized lipase from mucor miehei as catalyst: optimization of the yield and isomeric excess of ester by statistical analysis

García, R.; Martínez, M.; Aracil, J.

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Enzymatic synthesis of N-octyl (+)-2-methylbutyrate ester from racemic (+/-)-2-methylbutyric acid by immobilised lipase: Opimisation by statistical analysis

García, R.; Martínez, M.; Aracil, J.

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Preparation of titanium molecular species supported on mesostructured silica by different grafting methods

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Study on the initial steps of the polyethylene cracking over different acid catalysts

Serrano, D. P.; van Grieken, R.; Aguado, J.; García, R. A.; Rojo, C.; Temprano, F.

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Kinetic modelling of enzymatic chiral resolution of (+/-)-2-methylbutyric acid

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A comparitive study of catalytic opening epoxide by alcohols

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