Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

I’m Associate Professor at Rey Juan Carlos University since 2002. Author of around 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 2 patents. I’ve been post-doctoral researcher at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (UK), in the group of Polymer Chemistry; and also at the Max-Planck Polymer Research Institute, in Mainz (Germany). One of my research field of interest is aimed to the synthesis and characterization of polyolefins’, mainly polyethylene, polypropylene and their copolymers. Actually, I’m the coordinator of the Polymer Technology Laboratory (LATEP) at Rey Juan Carlos University, which is a laboratory of reference in the Madrid Community. LATEP realizes more than 6,000 essays per year to academia and in collaboration with companies. LATEP possesses modern laboratories and last generation techniques for solving the problems of our customers. On the other hand, LATEP develops R+D+I projects according to our customer requirements. It is noteworthy to mention the collaborative agreement with outstanding private companies like REPSOL, the first Spanish petrochemical company; also with the US petrochemical Phillips Chevron Company to study the long-term performance of plastic pipes. LATEP is also involved in the conservation of Cultural Heritage, in collaboration with the National Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute. Another field of research is focused on the preparation of zeolites and mesostructured materials and their application in several processes, such as in catalysis and drug release. It is worthwhile to point out the different collaborations with international research groups, such as the group of Prof. Brad Chmelka from the university of California, Prof. Jiri Cejka from Prague Heyrovsky Institute, Dr. Robert Graf from the Max-Planck Polymer Institute,………..
Synthesis of hierarchical Beta zeolite with uniform mesopores: Effect on its catalytic activity for veratrole acylation

Escola, J. M.; Serrano, D. P.; Sanz, R.; García, R. A.; Peral, A.; Moreno, I.; Linares, M.

Modelling the adsorption and controlled release of drugs from the pure and amino surface-functionalized mesoporous silica hosts

Martín, A.; Morales, V.; Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Pérez-Garnes, M.; Bautista, L. F.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Sanz, R.

Properties of hierarchical Beta zeolites prepared from protozeolitic nanounits for the catalytic cracking of high density polyethylene

Caldeira, V. P. S.; Peral, A.; Linares, M.; Araujo, A. S.; Garcia-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.

Surface-functionalization of mesoporous SBA-15 silica materials for controlled release of methylprednisolone sodium hemisuccinate: Influence of functionality type and strategies of incorporation

Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Martín, A.; Morales, V.; Sanz, R.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Effect of hierarchical porosity in Beta zeolites on the Beckmann rearrangement of oximes

Linares, M.; Vargas, C.; García, A.; Ochoa-Hernández, C.; Cejka, J.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.

Catalytic cracking of LDPE over nanocrystalline HZSM-5 zeolite prepared by seed-assisted synthesis from an organic-template-free system

Figueiredo, A. L.; Araujo, A. S.; Linares, M.; Peral, A.; García, R. Al; Serrano, D. P.; Fernandes, V. J.

Hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite with uniform mesopores and improved catalytic properties

Serrano, D. P.; Escola, J. M.; Sanz, R.; García, R. A.; Peral, A.; Moreno, I.; Linares, M.

Chemical adhesion of polyalkenoate-based adhesives to Hydroxyapatite

Sezinando, A.; Linares, M.; Morales, V.; García-Muñoz, R. A.; Ceballos, L.; Perdigâo, J.

New Drug-Structure-Directing Agent concept: Inherent pharmacological activity combined with templating solid and hollow-shell mesostructured silica nanoparticles

Morales, V.; Gutiérrez-Salmerón, M.; Balabasquer, M. ; Ortiz-Bustos, J.; Chocarro-Calvo, A.; García-Jiménez, C.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Correlating surface-functionalization of mesoporous silica with adsorption and release of pharmaceutical guest species

Morales, V.; Idso, M. N.; Balabasquer, M.; Chmelka, B.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Molecular structure and local dynamic in impact polypropylene copolymers studied by preparative TREF, solid state NMR spectroscopy, and SFM microscopy

Fernández, A.; Expósito, M. T.; Peña, B.; Berger, R.; Shu, J.; Graf, R.; Spiess, H. W.; García-Muñoz, R. A.

Remarkable catalytic properties of hierarchica zeolite-Beta in the epoxide rearrangement reactions

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Vicente, G.; Linares, M.; Vitvorova, D.; Cejka, J.

Cancer diagnosis by breath analysis - what is the future?

García-Mun~oz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Toledano, A.

Polyethyleneimine-functionalized large pore ordered silica materials for poorly water-soluble drug delivery

Martín, A.; García, R. A. ; Sen Karaman, D.; Rosenholm, J. M.

Synthesis of helical and supplementary chirally doped PMO materials. Suitable catalysts for asymmetric synthesis

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Linares, M.; Rico-Oller, B.

Volatile organic compounds analysis in breath air in healthy volunteers and patients suffering epidermoid laryngeal carcinomas

García, R. A.; Morales, V.; Martín, S.; Vilches, E.; Toledano, A.

Effect of hierarchical porosity and fluorination on the catalytic properties of zeolite beta for glycerol etherification

González, M. D.; Salagre, P.; Linares, M.; García, R. A.; Serrano, D. P.; Cesteros, Y.

The effect of microstructure on the slow crack growth resistance in polyethylene resins

Adib, A.; Domínguez, C.; Rodríguez, J.; Martín, C.; García, R. A.

Influence of the Structural and Textural Properties of Ordered Mesoporous Materials and Hierarchical Zeolitic Supports on the Controlled Release of Methylprednisolone Hemisuccinate

García-Muñoz, R. A.; Morales, V.; Linares, M.; González, P. E.; Sanz, R.; Serrano, D. P.

Simultaneous synthesis of modified Binol-periodic mesoporous organosilica SBA-15 type material. Application as catalysts in asymmetric sulfoxidation reactions

Morales, V.; Villajos, J. A.; García, R. A.