Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Sara Díaz-Rullo finished the bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences from University Autónoma de Madrid in 2014. After that, she studied a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering in University of Santiago de Compostela (2015-16). She won the Best Thesis award for her thesis “Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Diffusive Emission Estimation Model: Application to the Betanzos’ WWTP”.
In University Autónoma de Madrid she made professional practice in Physics Department (2012). Also she developed her researcher labour in the Department of Chemical Engineering, where she did research into treatment of phenol aqueous solutions by Fenton oxidation by visible LED light irradiation (2013-14).
On the other hand, she made professional practice in the WWTP of Santiago de Compostela, as a laboratory thecnician in 2015.
In January of 2018 she started to work in University Rey Juan Carlos as a pre-PhD researcher in the Department of Chemical and Energy Technology. She did research into biofuels production, using Hydrothermal Liquefaction, and extraction of high-value bioproducts from microalgae.
Currently, she is doing research, as a PhD Student, into Bioelectrochemical Systems, in urban wastewater, to hydrogen production