Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

María Orfila is a Chemical Engineer from Rey Juan Carlos University (2012). At the end of her studies she worked for six months in IMDEA Energy. Her final project was about the “Efficient Conversion of Oleic Acid into Ethyl Oleate over Sulfonic mesostructured Silica for the production of biodiesel” for which she received the award for young researchers awarded by the Social Council in the category of Environmental and Technologies Sciences. After that, she continued her studies at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where she studied a master’s degree about Energy and Fuels for the future. Her End Master Project concerned the obtaining of acid heterogeneous catalysts from waste polystyrene for biomass conversion into biofuels and chemicals. She made this research at the Insitute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry (ICP), CSIC.
Improved thermochemical energy storage behavior of manganese oxide by molybdenum doping

Moya, J.; Marugán, J.; Orfila, M.;Díaz-Pérez, M. A.; Serrano-Ruiz, J. C.

Hydrogen production by water splitting with Mn3-xCoxO4 mixed oxides thermochemical cycles: A thermodynamic analysis

Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Molina, R.; Marugán, J.; Botas, J. A.; Sanz, R.

Novel Perovskite materials for thermal water wplitting at moderate temperature

Azcondo, M. T.; Orfila, M.; Marugán, J.; Sanz, R.; Muñoz-Noval, A.; Salas-Colera, E.; Ritter, C.; García-Alvarado, F.; Amador, U.

Thermochemical hydrogen production using manganese cobalt spinels as redox materials

Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Molina, R.; Botas, J.A.; Marugán, J.; Sanz, R.

Perovskite materials for hydrogen production by thermochemical water splitting

Orfila, M.; Linares, M.; Molina, R.; Botas, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Marugán, J.