Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Influence of the selective layer morphology on the permeation properties for Pd-PSS composite membranes prepared by electroless pore-plating: Experimental and modeling study

Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.; Marín, P.; Ordoñez, S.

Review of supported Pd-based membranes prepartation by Electroless Plating for ultra-pure hydrogen production

Alique, D.; Martínez-Díaz, D.; Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.

Production of Renewable Hydrogen from Glycerol Steam Reforming over Bimetallic Ni-(Cu,Co,Cr) Catalysts Supported on SBA-15 Silica

Carrero, A.; Calles, J.A.; García-Moreno, L.; Vizcaíno, A.J.

Hydrogen production through glycerol steam reforming using Co catalysts supported on SBA-15 doped with Zr, Ce and La

Carrero, A.; Vizcaíno, A. J.; Calles, J. A.; García-Moreno, L.

Comparison of ethanol steam reforming using Co and Ni catalysts supported on SBA-15 modified by Ca and Mg

Vizcaíno, A.J.; Carrero, A.; Calles, J.A.

Hydrogen production in a Pore-Plated Pd-membrane reactor: Experimental analysis and model validation for the Water Gas Shift reaction

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.

Effect of Ce and Zr Addition to Ni/SiO2 Catalysts for Hydrogen Production through Ethanol Steam Reforming

Calles, J. A.; Carrero, A.; Vizcaíno, A. J.; Lindo, M.

Hydrogen production by glycerol steam reforming over SBA-15-supported nickel catalysts: Effect of alkaline earth promoters on activity and stability

Calles, J. A.; Carrero, A; Vizcaíno, A. J.; García-Moreno, L.

H2 production via water gas shift in a composite Pd membrane reactor prepared by the pore-plating method

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Thermal stability and effect of typical water gas shift reactant composition on H2 permeability through a Pd-YSZ-PSS composite membrane

Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Laboratorio virtual: solución de las ecuaciones de conservación mediante volúmenes finitos

Casado, C.; Schiave, E.; Calles, J. A.

  • @tic: revista d'innovaci educativa. Monogrfico: Innovacin Educativa en Ingeniera Qumica, 122-131 (2014)
  • doi:10.7203/attic.13.3905

Modelling and simulation of permeation behaviour on Pd/PSS composite membranes prepared by "pore-plating" method

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Influence of the type of siliceous material used as intermediate layer in the preparation of hydrogen selective palladium composite membranes over a porous stainless steel support

Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.

Hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol using Ni catalysts based on ternary mixed oxides prepared by coprecipitation

Vizcaíno, A. J.; Lindo, M.; Carrero, A.; Calles, J. A.

New synthesis method of Pd membranes over tubular PSS supports via "pore-plating" for hydrogen separation processes

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Preparation, testing and modeling of hydrogen selective Pd/YSZ/SS composite membrane

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.; Corengia, P.; Fernández, E.

Ethanol steam reforming on Ni/Al-SBA-15 catalysts: Effect of the aluminium content

Lindo, M.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Calles, J.A.; Carrero, A.

Influence of hydrocarbon distribution in crude oil and residues on asphaltene stability

Dufuor, J.; Calles, J. A.; Marugán, J.; Giménez-Aguirre, R.; Peña, J. L.; Merino-García, D.

Effect of Mg and Ca addition on coke deposition over Cu–Ni/SiO2 catalysts for ethanol steam reforming

Carrero, A.; Calles, J.A.; Vizcaíno, A.J.

Steam Reforming of Methanol with Sm2O3-CeO2-Supported Palladium Catalysts: Influence of the Thermal Treatments of Catalyst and Support

Gómez-Sainero, L.M.; Baker, R.T.; Vizcaíno, A.J.; Francis, S.M.; Calles, J.A.; Metcalfe, I.S.; Rodríguez, J.J.