Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Degrees of M.S. Chemical Eng. (1972) and Ph.D Chemical Eng. (1976), UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts of Technology, and Visiting Professor at the University of California – Santa Barbara (USA). At present time, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology at URJC (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain). Delegate of the URJC Rector for Enterprise-University Relations.
Former positions:Founding Rector of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain. Former Vice-Rector for International Relations and Secretary General of UCM (Spain). President of the Agency for the Quality of Universities of Madrid (ACAP: Agencia de Calidad, Acreditación y Prospectiva de las Universidades de Madrid). Member of the BIA (Board of International Advisors) of MIIS (Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, USA).
Co-author of a five volume text book in Spanish on Chemical Engineering, co-author and editor of a book also in Spanish on “Introduction to Chemical Engineering”, author of a considerable number of international scientific publications and co-author of some patents. He has supervised more than twenty PhD Thesis. His teaching activity was developed first at UCM (1972-1997) and then at URJC, till now.
Present research interests: a) Synthesis of mesostructured materials and applications to adsorption separation and catalytic processes; b) Clean hydrogen production and hydrogen storage; c) CO2 capture by adsorption with modified mesostructured materials; d) Biofuels.
Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Adsorption”(Springer). Member of AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers). Honor Medal of Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1996); Honor Medal of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2004).
Tuning the textural properties of HMS mesoporous silica. Functionalization towards CO2 adsorption

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.

Reuse and recycling of amine-functionalized silica materials for CO2 adsorption

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Dantas, T. C. M.; Arencibia, A.; Calleja, G.; Guedes, A. P. M. A.; Araujo, A. S.; Sanz, R.

New URJC-1 Material with remarkable stability and acid-base catalytic properties

Leo, P.; Martínez, F.; Calleja, G.; Briones, D.; Wojtas, L.; Orcajo, G.

New developments on carbon dioxide capture using amine-impregnated silicas

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

Preparation and characterization of MOF-PES ultrafiltration membranes

Sotto, A.; Orcajo, G.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Calleja, G.; Landaburu-Aguirre, J.

CO2 capture with pore-expanded MCM 41 silica modified with amino groups by double functionalization

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

An investigation of the textural properties of mesostructured silica-based adsorbents for predicting CO2 adsorption capacity

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production by improving the Pt dispersion over mesostructured TiO2

Serrano, D. P.; Calleja, G.; Pizarro, P.; Gálvez, P.

Development of high efficiency adsorbents for CO2 capture based on a double-functionalization method of grafting and impregnation

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Effect of ion-exchange modification on hydrogen and carbon dioxide adsorption behaviour of RhoZMOF material

Calleja, G.; Botas, J. A.; Martos, C.; Orcajo, G.; J. A. Villajos

Amino-functionalized pore-expanded SBA-15 for CO2 adsorption

Olea, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

CO2 adsorption performance of amino-functionalized SBA-15 under post-combustion conditions

Sanz-Pérez, E. S.; Olivares-Marín, M.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Maroto-Valer, M. M.

CO2 uptake and adsorption kinetics of pore-expanded SBA-15 double-functionalized with amino groups

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E. S.

Adsorción de CO2 sobre materiales mesoestructurados funcionalizados con grupos amino

Sanz-Pérez, E.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.

  • Materiales Porosos en Adsorcin y Catlisis, 3, 5-16 (2012)

Amino functionalized mesostructured SBA-15 silica for CO2 capture: Exploring the relation between the adsorption capacity and the distribution of amino groups by TEM

Sanz, R.; Calleja, G.; Arencibia, A., Sanz-Pérez E.S.

Influence of drying conditions on amine-functionalized SBA-15 as adsorbent of CO2

Calleja, G.; Sanz, R.; Arencibia, A.; Sanz-Pérez, E.

Co8-MOF-5 as electrode for supercapacitors

Díaz, R.; Orcajo, M. G.; Botas, J. A.; Calleja, G.; Palma, J.

Effect of Zn/Co ratio in MOF-74 type materials containing exposed metal sites on their hydrogen adsorption behaviour and on their band gap energy

Botas, J. A.; Calleja, G.; Sánchez-Sánchez, M.; Orcajo, M. G.

Differences between the isostructural IRMOF-1 and MOCP-L porous adsorbents

Calleja, G.; Botas, J. A.; Orcajo, M. G.; Sánchez-Sánchez, M.

Production of biofuels via the catalytic cracking of mixtures of crude vegetable oils and nonedible animal fats with vacuum gas oil

Melero, J. A.; Clavero, M. M.; Calleja, G.; García, A.; Miravalles, R.; Galindo, T.