Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

David Alique was born in 1981 and he was graduated in Chemical Engineering by University Rey Juan Carlos since 2004. His academic formation was continuated with the PhD program in Chemical Engineering, Environment and Materials of both Rey Juan Carlos and Castilla la Mancha universities. Currently, after obtaining the Advanced Studies Certificate in 2006, he combines his research activities with teaching assignments.
His research focuses primarily on production and purification of hydrogen through selective membranes, mainly composed of palladium or alloys. It is important to include the contributions presented for several international conferences and the two fellowships awarded by the European Commission Research through the Marie Curie Actions for attendance at courses "Nanostructured materials and membranes, synthesis and characterization" and "Nanostructured materials and membranes for energy ". Moreover, he enjoyed of a predoctoral stay during 4 months at the “Dipartamento di Ingegneria Chimica e delle Tecnologie Ambientali Mineraria, Università degli Studi di Bologna”, under the supervision of Prof. Giulio Sarti Cessare.
Regarding his teaching activities, it is important to outline his participation in several matters at graduate and post-graduate levels and his functions as co-director in more than 10 projects, mainly related to Chemical Engineering.
Hydrogen production in a Pore-Plated Pd-membrane reactor: Experimental analysis and model validation for the Water Gas Shift reaction

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.

H2 production via water gas shift in a composite Pd membrane reactor prepared by the pore-plating method

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Thermal stability and effect of typical water gas shift reactant composition on H2 permeability through a Pd-YSZ-PSS composite membrane

Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Modelling and simulation of permeation behaviour on Pd/PSS composite membranes prepared by "pore-plating" method

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Influence of the type of siliceous material used as intermediate layer in the preparation of hydrogen selective palladium composite membranes over a porous stainless steel support

Calles, J. A.; Sanz, R.; Alique, D.

New synthesis method of Pd membranes over tubular PSS supports via "pore-plating" for hydrogen separation processes

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.

Preparation, testing and modeling of hydrogen selective Pd/YSZ/SS composite membrane

Sanz, R.; Calles, J. A.; Alique, D.; Furones, L.; Ordóñez, S.; Marín, P.; Corengia, P.; Fernández, E.