Chemical and Environmental Engineering Group

Polymerization processes and polymers characterization

Polymerization of olefins
There are several kinds of polymerization catalysts for industrial applications such as Phillips catalysts (also called chromium catalysts), conventional Ziegler Natta catalysts and metallocene (single site catalysts). Metallocene catalysts are usually homogenoeus but for their use in conventional polymerization installations (gas or slurry phases) it is essential their heterogeneization onto an inorganic carrier. An adequate selection of the catalysts/support system allows the production of polymers with better properties than the corresponding to homogeneous catalysts. Likewise, the combination of different active sites on the same support (Ziegler + metallocene, chromium + Ziegler, etc.) leads to novel heterogeneous catalysts which can generate polyolefins with a wide range of properties being remarkable the bimodal polyethylene, a polyolefin very requested for the current society. Hence, this research line involves the synthesis and characterization of new heterogeneous catalysts and the design of novel reaction systems for the production of polyolefins with improved properties.

Characterization of polymers
Next to the synthesis of polymeric materials, research lines focused on their characterization are being developed from the point of view of their future applications as well as for the determination of the microscopic structure of the polymer chains. Research interest is focused on the correlations between parameters and fundamental structural characteristics with the physical properties of the synthesized products. The research includes characterization and analysis of products generated from a molecular level to the solid-state properties including: synthesis, structure, properties in solution and solid phase, behaviour in the molten state and processing characteristics.

Current research projects:

Síntesis de parafinas sintéticas a partir de olefinas.

Financial Support: Repsol

  • Start Year: 2012
  • End Year: 2013

Estudio del proceso de obtención de polietileno bimodal mediante dos reactores en serie

Financial Support: Repsol

  • Start Year: 2014
  • End Year: 2015