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Fouling and biofouling resistance of metal-doped mesostructured silica/polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membranes

Díez, B.; Roldán, N.; Martín, A.; Sotto, A.; Perdigón-Melón, J. A.; Arsuaga, J.; Rosal, R.

Effect of amine functionalization of SBA-15 used as filler on the morphology and permeation properties of polyethersulfone-doped ultrafiltration membranes

Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Roldán, N.; Martínez, A.; Sotto, A.

Assessment of biocides and ultrasound treatment to avoid bacterial growth in diesel fuel

Bautista, L. F.; Vargas, C.; González, N.; Molina, M. C.; Simarro, R.; Salmerón, A.; Murillo, Y.

Bioremediation techniques for naproxen and carbamazepine elimination. Toxicity evaluation test

Molina, M. C.; González, N.; Simarro, R.; Bautista, L. F.; Vargas, C.; García-Cambero, J. P.; Díaz, E. M.; Arrayás, M.; Quijano, M.A.

  • Chemistry Today, 34 (2), 52-55 (2016)

Preparation of loose polypiperazine amide membranes. Effect of the nanocomposite sublayer on the NF process performance

Landaburu-Aguirre, J.; Sotto, A.; Molina, S.; Arsuaga, J. M.; García-Calvo, E.; Keiski, R. L.

Enhanced ultrafiltration PES membranes doped with mesostructured functionalized silica particles

Martín, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Roldán, N.; de Abajo, J.; Martínez, A.; Sotto, A.

Preparation and characterization of MOF-PES ultrafiltration membranes

Sotto, A.; Orcajo, G.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Calleja, G.; Landaburu-Aguirre, J.

Binary metal oxides for composite ultrafiltration membranes

Sotto, A.; Kim, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.; del Rosario, G.; Martínez, A.; Nam, D.; Luis, P.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Sorption of phenolic compounds on NF/RO membrane surfaces: Influence on membrane performance

Sotto, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Influence of the type, size, and distribution of metal oxide particles on the properties of nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes

Arsuaga, J. M.; Sotto, A.; del Rosario, G.; Martínez, A.; Molina, S.; Teli, S. B.; de Abajo, J.

Coupling membrane separation and photocatalytic oxidation processes for the degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants

Martínez, F.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Aguado, J.; Melero, J. A.; Arsuaga, J.; Sotto, A.; Molina, R.; Segura, Y.; Pariente, M. I.; Revilla, A.; Cerro, L.; Carenas, G.

Comparative life cycle assessment of biodiesel production from cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) and rapeseed oil obtained under Spanish conditions

Dufour, J., Arsuaga, J., Moreno, J., Torrealba, H., Camacho, J.

Nanofiltration removal of pharmaceutically active compounds

López-Muñoz, M. J.; Sotto, A.; Arsuaga, J. M.

Doping of polyethersulfone nanofiltration membranes: antifouling effect observed at ultralow concentrations of TiO2

Sotto, A.; Boromand, A.; Zhang, R.; Luis, P.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Kim, J.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Effect of nanoparticle aggregation at low concentrations of TiO2 on the hydrophilicity, morphology, and fouling resistance of PES-TiO2 membranes

Sotto, A.; Boromand, A.; Zhang, R.; Luis, P.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Kim, J.; Van der Bruggen, B.

Influence of type and position of functional groups of phenolic compounds on NF/RO performance

Arsuaga, J. M.; Sotto, A.; López-Muñoz, M. J.; Braeken, L.

Membrane treatment applied to aqueous solutions containing atrazine photocatalytic oxidation products

Sotto, A.; López-Muñoz, J.M.; Arsuaga, J.M.; Aguado, J.; Revilla, A.

Regeneration of thiol-functionalized mesostructured silica adsorbents of mercury

Arencibia, A.; Aguado, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.

Separation of phenols and their advanced oxidation intermediate products in aqueous solution by NF/RO membranes

López-Muñoz, M.J.; Arsuaga, J.M.; Sotto, A.

Heavy metals removal from water by adsorption on propylthiol-functionalised mesoporous silica obtained by co-condensation

Aguado, J.; Arsuaga, J. M.; Arencibia, A.